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Degree Navigator is a Web based “degree audit” and academic planning tool that allows you to track your progress in your chosen program or plan for a change to another program. It uses text-based reporting and visual (graphical) information to assist you with navigating your degree requirements.

How can I use Degree Navigator?

View your current academic profile
Program and degree(s) requirements
Course transcript

Generate degree audits (how your courses fulfill degree requirements)
Choose from a full or summary report format

Explore “What if I . . . . . ” scenarios
What if I take this course? Select courses and see their effect on your degree audit.

Search courses, departments and degrees by keyword
View course descriptions and their prerequisites, corequisites, equivalencies and exclusions
View all degree programs and requirements

The interface is intuitive and easy to use and on-line help is available if needed.

Access Degree Navigator by logging onto MyUofC then selecting Degree Navigator under Quick Links

What can you not do with Degree Navigator?

Degree Navigator is unable to determine if you have met all the requirements for a combined degree. As most combined degrees contain some individual substitutions, work with your Faculty advisor to confirm your courses. Also make sure to confirm you have met all the requirements for graduation. While Degree Navigator is programmed to consider all the information held in the Student Information System, only your Faculty Office can confirm.

Students in the Faculty of Graduate studies and those studying for the LLB or MD degrees will not find their degree requirement in Degree Navigator. Please consult with your faculty and program advisors for degree requirements.