Our values

What’s important to us and what kind of university – and people – we strive to be.


We complement the research, learning and work environment with social, cultural, sports and recreational spaces, services and programs to promote a healthy community.

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We build bridges through proactive communications between individuals, between teams, between departments and faculties, and with other organizations in the community, with integrity and transparency.


We are stimulated by the unknown and unexpected, and rely on it to provoke exploration and innovation.


We expect the best of everyone who works and learns at the University of Calgary. We support and recognize the achievements of all community members and help each other achieve our highest ambitions.

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We think and act with a global mind-set, acknowledging the pervasiveness of worldwide connectivity, aware of global developments and acting on opportunities to benefit the world we serve.

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We value people who interact with others in an inclusive and respectful manner. We offer high-quality programs and services to promote health and safety, foster community morale and meet the diverse needs of all we serve.

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We commit to leadership in sustainable ways of living, working and learning. We take care of the physical, natural and social environment. We uphold balanced budgets, positive social relationships and the health of our planet.

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