Our story

UCalgary is – like our host city – a destination for people with ambitious dreams and the grit essential to fulfil them. 

Our purpose

UCalgary offers students a high-quality educational experience that prepares them for success in life, as well as research that addresses society’s most persistent challenges. Our creation and transfer of knowledge contributes every day to our country’s global competitive advantage and makes the world a better place.

We do this in Calgary – Canada’s most enterprising and caring city, where the Western can-do spirit, sense of family, and youthful energy permeate everything we do. We're pioneers at heart, innovators by necessity and desire, community-builders because it’s in our DNA. We see potential where others balk at challenge and we know how to cooperate to "git’er done."

Just the facts

From student numbers to academic rankings, research funding to graduate outcomes, we’ve gathered all our key facts and figures in one easy spot.

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Calgary is one of the world’s safest urban centres, and one of the top cities in the world to live, work and raise a family.

Running a university is a bit like running a small city. Learn how we’re organized to do it efficiently.

Our people

From students to faculty and staff, alumni to supporters, fans and friends, University of Calgary people seek to improve our world every day. Our 30,000+ students represent the best the world has to offer. We are also one of the largest employers in Calgary. 

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Our spirit

75 million years ago, Alberta was one of the richest dinosaur habitats in the planet. The sub-tropical landscape around Calgary thundered with the footsteps of ferocious reptiles. Today, the UCalgary Dinos channel that same ferocity, showing leadership on the courts, fields, ice, and waves of interuniversity sport and in the pursuit of new knowledge and innovation for society as we know it. We are all Dinos.

Go Dinos!