Spy Hill campus

Home to hands-on facilities for UCalgary's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Initiated in the early 1970s in support of an animal farm program for what was then the Faculty of Medicine, UCalgary's Agricultural Research Centre was established on more than 500 acres in northwest Calgary. Today, the Spy Hill Campus houses the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine’s Clinical Skills Building, Veterinary Sciences Research Station, and Wildlife Research Station. It is the site of hands-on clinical and diagnostic learning in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. In 2009-10, the university’s 3000-square-metre High Density Library was also built on the site and currently houses approximately 60 per cent of the university's book and journal collection.

Spy Hill campus

11877 85th Street NW
Calgary, AB
T3R 1J3

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Veterinary Medicine Clinical Skills Building

The Veterinary Medicine Clinical Skills Building (CSB) is the site of hands-on clinical and diagnostic learning in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Program. The CSB enables students to gain valuable clinical, diagnostic, surgical and professional skills while working directly with animals in a state-of-the-art, LEED gold-certified building. Teaching areas focus on anatomy, animal handling, medical exercises, clinical skills, diagnostic imaging, diagnostic support, and pathology instruction. Outside holding pens accommodate cattle and horses, and a kennel facility is available for dogs and cats. 

High Density Library (HDL)

An environmentally controlled storage facility that holds books, journals, archival files, and museum objects, our High Density Library houses approximately 60 per cent of our current book and journal collection, in addition to a significant portion of our archival holdings. Architectural drawings, photographs, and art collections that have been moved to the HDL are preserved in ideal conditions, with carefully controlled and monitored temperature, humidity level and light.