Concurrent enrolment and exchange

Concurrent enrolment

If you are enrolled at two institutions as a part-time student but collectively are full-time for a given term, review the following steps to be assessed for full-time student loan funding.

If you are receiving loans from a province other than Alberta please contact for more information about applying while concurrently enrolled.

  1. Create/Login into your account and apply using the full-time loan application. 
  2. Reach out to the financial aid department for both institutions to receive a customized letter that outlines the following information: 
    • Course name(s) 
    • Course weights/units/credits 
    • Session start and end dates 
    • Course costs 
  3. Complete Part 1 of the Schedule 3.
  4. Forward customized letters from both educational institutions, if applicable, and the Schedule 3 to Alberta Student Aid either by: 
    • Using your account: Under your application, click on 'Upload Electronic Documents', or 
    • Mail the letters and the Schedule 3 to
      Alberta Student Aid
      PO Box, 28000
      Stn Main, Edm, AB 
      T5J 4R4' 
  5. Once assessed, you will receive a Manual Confirmation of Registration (COR) Worksheet and a Counselling Letter in the Correspondence section of your account. 
  6. Provide the COR Worksheet to the Financial Aid team at your home institution, if UCalgary, please submit via a Service Request through your account.
  7. Our Financial Aid team will complete the COR Worksheet. It is the student's responsibility to upload the completed worksheet to their Alberta Student Aid portal.
  8. Once processed by your lender, your funds will be released directly to your personal bank account and you will need to ensure your fees at both institutions have been paid by the respective deadlines.

Outgoing exchange

If you are participating in an outgoing exchange it is important to understand how the application process differs from applying for funding while studying on campus. Please review the following instructions to ensure you apply correctly:

  • Apply for full-time loans through Alberta Student Aid. You can check the status of your application through your account.
  • Apply with the correct study period dates. Your study period dates are the actual dates of your exchange program as outlined by your exchange letter and do not include the dates of your mandatory orientation. If your dates are not listed please email to ask us to add the dates to Alberta Student Aid
  • You may need complete two separate applications if:
    • There is a break of 30 days or more in your study period AND you are studying one term at UCalgary and another on exchange
  • Complete Part 2 of a Schedule 3 to be assessed for your airfare costs – Alberta students only
    • This form can be downloaded from the Applications and Forms section of Alberta Student Aid’s website.
    • Please ensure you list the University of Calgary as your Home Institution and not the institution you are attending while abroad.
    • You can upload your Schedule 3 and loan letter to Alberta Student Aid through your MyAlberta Digital ID account.
  • Submit your Loan Letter. This letter must be included with your application.
    • Your Exchange Co-Ordinator will issue a letter outlining your exchange and specifically your study period dates.
    • You can upload your Schedule 3 and loan letter to Alberta Student Aid account.
  • First-time loan borrowers, students who have had a break in full-time studies of more than two years, or students who have received funding through another province/territory must complete and sign the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA).
  • Once you have been approved for funding the Financial Aid team will complete your confirmation of enrolment automatically as early as 30 days before your study period start date.
  • Your funds will be released directly to your personal bank and you will need to ensure your fees at UCalgary have been paid by the posted fee payment deadline.

Group study

If you are participating in a group study program or field school through UCalgary, you should apply as you normally would for financial aid. Additionally, you may submit a Schedule 3 along with your application to recover some travel costs.

  1. Submit a loan application - there is no need to check the “exchange” option because you are studying at UCalgary, not at a foreign institution.
  • Please use standard semester dates below, you are not required to specify the exact dates you will be away:
      • Spring: May 1 - June 30 
      • Summer: July 1 - August 31 
      • Fall: September 1 - December 31 
      • Winter: January 1 - April 30
  1. Submit a Schedule 3 with your online Alberta Student Aid application. You may request your airfare costs be covered.