Seymour Schulich Community Service/Entrepreneurial Entrance Award for Students Outside the Calgary Area

Award value

$26,350 (Renewable)

Number of awards


Competition to apply for

High School Prestige


Seymour Schulich

Award description

  • Offered annually to undergraduate students entering first year in the Schulich School of Engineering. Renewable in the second and third years at the University of Calgary for $19,650 providing the recipient maintains enrolment in the Schulich School of Engineering and achieves a minimum GPA of 2.70 in the previous fall and winter terms based on a full course load (minimum 30.00 units). Renewal is also based on evidence of a commitment to continued service or entrepreneurial activities
  • Demonstrated contribution to school life, community service or evidence of entrepreneurial talent
  • Academic merit
  • Permanent home address and high school must be at least 100 kilometres from the Calgary city centre. International students are also eligible.

Required criteria

Student type: Undergraduate

Citizenship/residency: Any

Faculty: Engineering

Year entering: 1st

Award information

Type of award: Award

Internal/external/government: Internal