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Preparing for Arrival

This section is for students whose exchange has been confirmed. There are many things to prepare before you arrive in Calgary, so please review this information carefully!

Welcome to Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

We're looking forward to sharing our campus with you and welcoming you as an honorary Calgarian during your exchange.

To best prepare for your arrival, make sure that you have read all of the information on this page.

Your Student Centre is full of useful information! You will becoming familiar with all of it during your time at UCalgary. To help you get started, here are four primary sections that you will need to know.

  1. Academics

    This section includes the Course Search, the Course Schedule Builder, and your "shopping cart", where you can save courses before registering. Now that you are a UCalgary Student, you must register in your courses - click here for more information about the course registration process. After you have registered, your weekly schedule will automatically update in your Student Centre and will display the times/locations of your courses.

  2. Finances

    This section shows your fees owed to UCalgary each semester and the fee payment deadlines. All exchange students are required to pay a $165 “UPASS” fee and $46.00 “Campus Rec” fee each semester. More information about costs, budgeting, how to pay fees, etc. can be found here

    Note: If you are living on campus, this section will not show your fees owed to Residence Services. Please sign in to your Residence Portal to view your residence fees.

  3. Exams and Grades

    This section is where you will view the exam schedule for your courses. Exam schedules are usually updated in late October for Fall semester and late February for Winter semester. This is also where you can download your unofficial transcript, and later order your official transcript at the end of your exchange. More information about transcripts can be found here.

  4. Personal Info

    This section is where you can update details such as your preferred name, address, phone number, emergency contact, etc. It is recommended to update this page with your new contact information after you arrive in Calgary.

Your Enrolment Verification Letter is an official document that confirms you are admitted as an exchange student to UCalgary. This letter is required if you are applying for a study permit, and may also be required by your home university. It is also recommended that you bring a copy of this letter with you when travelling to Canada. Please note that there are 3 types of letter to choose from:

  1. Permit Letter

    This is the letter we recommend printing and bringing with you when you travel to Canada. If you require a Study Permit for your exchange, you will need this letter for your permit application to Immigration Canada. You may also need this letter for processes at your home university.

  2. General Letter

    This may be useful for your personal records or for processes at your home university.

  3. Exchange Letter

    This is used only for outgoing exchange students (Calgary students who are studying abroad). You will not be able to access this letter.

Depending on what country you are coming from and how long you are staying for, you may require different documents in order to study in Canada.

International Student Services is an office at UCalgary that provides all information about immigration documents to students. If you have any questions about your specific circumstances, please contact an immigration advisor.

As a UCalgary exchange student, you have the freedom to choose where you would like to live.

  1. Living on campus

    All information about on-campus residence can be found on the UCalgary Residence Services website. You may apply as soon as your exchange application is submitted. If you have any questions about residence or your application status, please email

    If you are attending for Fall semester only: Your residence application may be waitlisted. This is because rooms are allocated to full-year students first. Please be patient! You will be contacted by June with a room assignment.

  2. Living off campus

    You are not obligated to live on campus during your exchange at UCalgary. If you prefer to arrange your accommodations independently, please click the button before for a comprehensive list of resources that will help you begin your search. 

  3. Temporary Accommodations

    Sometimes exchange students choose to arrive early, before their official accommodation move-in date. If this applies to you, you will have to find temporary accommodation in Calgary while you wait to move into your accommodations. A list of suggestions is posted online here. You may also wish to check the website for Hotel Alma, located on campus, which offers reduced rates every semester for students waiting to move into campus residence.

As an exchange students, you are expected to have comprehensive travel and medical insurance. It's best to buy insurance from your home country and bring it with you. UCalgary does not sell insurance plans for exchange students, but International Student Services can give some advice if you choose to buy insurance in Canada.

Your home university may have documents that you are required to complete, either before your exchange begins or after you arrive in Calgary. If you need to have your document signed, please bring it to our office or email it to and we will be happy to sign it for you!

There are two types of documents that we commonly see:

  1. Learning Agreement - This document contains a list of courses that you are registered to take during your exchange at UCalgary.
  2. Landing Paper - This document is used to verify that you have arrived safely on campus. It may also have a section to be signed before you leave.

If you are flying to Calgary, you will arrive at the Calgary Internal Airport (airport code = YYC). There are two recommended options for you to travel from the airport to UCalgary.

Please note: there are multiple universities/colleges in Calgary, so if you need to ask directions along the way, make sure to specify that you are going to the "University of Calgary".

  1. Public Transit

    • travel time: 40-60 minutes
    • price: $3.70 for a standard ticket (valid for 1.5 hours) or $11.60 for an all-day pass

    Click here to view the airport transit routes. The most efficient route is to take Bus #300 from the airport, and then transfer to a Northbound Train (Red Line, Destination: Tuscany) once the bus stops in the city centre. Get off the train at University Station and you will be right on campus!

  2. Taxi or Uber

    • travel time: 30-40 minutes
    • price: typically about $40

    Taxi stands are located at the airport doors; click here for details.

    Instructions for requesting an Uber are online here.

  1. What can I study?

    Some courses have restricted access for exchange students. Check out the link below for instructions on choosing your courses.

  2. Registering for Courses

    You must register in 3-5 courses per semester. 

I think exchange students face a lot of challenges. It's stressful to not have control over things like a new school, new city, courses, culture, etc. and I was always worried I had missed something, but the international office was quick and friendly in contacting me. The stressfulness goes away when you know you can always send an email for help.

Quote provided by a 2018/2019 Exchange Student

Resources at UCalgary

From academic support and health services to social networking and community engagement, there are many resources available to you at UCalgary!

Click here to view a flyer that lists some of the more commonly-used resources on campus, or keep reading to learn about some of our exchange team's recommendations and highlights.

Resources for International Students

Resources for Health & Wellness

Resources for Academic Life

  • The Student Success Centre offers academic advising, writing support, and study workshops
  • The Student Union's Tutor Registry is a database to help you find one-on-one help in any academic program
  • UFlourish is an event series held around the start of semester that includes workshops and guided "unwinding" such as knitting, dance, or comedy
  • StressLess is an event series held around the start of exams that includes yoga sessions, pet therapy, and workshops
  • The Ombuds can discuss all student-related issues with you and provide support in resolving concerns on campus

Resources for Student Engagement

Semester Dates

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