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What does it cost?

This section outlines the main expenses that you should expect to pay during your exchange, as well as payment deadlines and methods of payment. Below is a monthly breakdown to help you plan your budget!

You are responsible for your own finances while on exchange at UCalgary.

You have freedom in whether you choose to live on campus or off campus, use a student meal plan or prepare your own meals, etc., so there can be great flexibility in how you choose to plan your budget!  The financial aspect of studying abroad may be confusing at times. You will find that many things are different, from currency exchange to the cost of everyday items. Below are some excellent resources that may assist you in making this transition.

  • UCalgary Money Smart: information on financial literacy workshops and budgeting worksheets.
  • The Cost Estimator: tools to help plan your expenses at UCalgary. Please note that we do not yet have a cost tool available that is tailored to exchange students, so treat these numbers as approximates! Remember that you will never pay tuition to UCalgary, you may be living in a different residence hall than the options provided here, etc.
  • Cost of Living in Calgary Website: a community-sourced list of costs, such as grocery and clothing items.
What does it cost

Exchange Student Costs

Note: There is a fee deadline every semester. Consult the Academic Calendar to find your deadline. If you do not pay your fees on time, there will be monthly interest charged as well as a "Withhold" placed on your student account. The "Withhold" means that you will not be able to register in courses or receive your transcript until you have fully paid off your outstanding fees. Click here for more information about overdue fees.


Due to the nature of university-level exchange agreements, you will not be paying any tuition to the University of Calgary during your studies here. This is because you are essentially "swapping places" with UCalgary students. Any UCalgary student(s) who are going on exchange to your home university will have paid their standard tuition to UCalgary for their exchange semester, and likewise you will pay your standard tuition to your home university for the semester that you come to Calgary. Our exchange agreement with your home university means that these tuition fees are balanced.

Mandatory Fees

As an exchange student, you are required to pay the following:

- UPass fee ($165 per semester)

- Campus Rec fee ($46 per semester)

- Residence fees, if living on campus

- Supplemental fees for your courses, if required**

**Some courses provide unique items to students, such as art materials or lab equipment. These courses may have supplemental fees. In this case you will be responsible for paying the extra amount. Whether or not this is necessary will be noted in the Account Summary of your MyUofC Student Centre.

Payment Options

Most exchange students use Convera GlobalPay to pay fees. This lets you pay directly from your home bank account to UCalgary. There is no transaction fee from Western Union for this, but there may be a fee charged by your home bank, so we recommend paying the full amount at once instead of over several days. If you have a Canadian bank account, you may be able to access other payment options; see the UCalgary Finance page fees for details.

If you are living in campus residence, you will pay your room deposit & rent to the Residence Services office. See the Residence page for payment options and deadlines.

Financial Support

The University of Calgary currently does not offer awards for incoming exchange students.

The Canadian Government currently offers several awards for students from specific world regions. Information about these awards will be sent to your home university exchange advisor.

In rare cases, exchange students may be eligible for awards offered by external companies. You can search the awards database here to see whether this applies to you.

If you were to start your semester and then run into complications with your financial situation, please contact International Student Services for advice.

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