Acceptable Use Policies and Regulations

The University of Calgary has acquired Qualtrics online survey tool and has made it freely available to current employees (faculty and staff), registered University of Calgary students (including Continuing Education), and the Students’ Union administration.

If you wish to use the university survey tool, you will be required to use your email to create a Qualtrics account.  Users are automatically assigned a “standard Qualtrics account,” which will have some restrictions, such as a limit on total number of active surveys.

If you are eligible and wish to use the Qualtrics online survey tool please note that you are responsible to be knowledgeable of, and abide to, the following policies and regulations outlined below.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with all policies and regulations.

By creating a Qualtrics user account, you agree to the following policies and regulations.

1. Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources and Information Policy: Users of the university survey tool are responsible for knowing and complying with university policies relating to the acceptable use of Information assets; all users should be aware of sections 4.1 – 4.3 and 4.10 of the Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources and Information Policy about Acceptable Use, Personal Use, and Unacceptable Use

Please note: Level 3 Confidential and Level 4 Restricted data (with the exception of credit card data) can now be collected through and stored on the Qualtrics platform. Review the Information Security Classification Standard Information Security Classification Standard for further details.

2. Research on Human Subject Ethical Policy: All research, funded or unfunded, must obtain the necessary certifications and approvals before publishing their survey; see the Ethics and Compliance University of Calgary research webpages; all users should consult this flowchart to assess whether formal ethics approval is required. 

  It should also be noted that survey-based research falls under the University of Calgary's Research Integrity Policy. As such users of the university survey tool are required to abide by the policy statements outlined in the Tri-Council Policy Statement. Users are strongly encouraged to review the TCPS2 on how to apply these core principles: special attention is given to voluntary informed consent, and expectation of privacy with respect to recruitment., participation, data storage, and the disclosure of results. The TCPS2 Core Tutorial is an excellent starting point.

3. Compliance to all federal and provincial laws: Users of the university survey tool are responsible for compliance to all federal and provincial legislations, and specifically to copyright (such as the use of embedded images retrieved from the web, and/or using survey questions from previously published questionnaires), and privacy legislations (e.g. information request, access, and disclosure of faculty, staff and student survey data). Please refer to the Copyright Office, and to University Legal Services (FOIP)

4. Compliance with Qualtrics terms of services: Users of the university survey tool are required to abide to the terms and conditions as stipulated in the Qualtrics terms of service.

5. University of Calgary Brand (Logo) Usage Policy: Please refer to the Trademarks and Official Marks Use and Licensing Policy document, with specific attention to section 4.1 and section 4.3 "Permitted Use".

6 . Respecting, and if possible, accommodating accessibility requirements: Qualtrics provides an excellent accessibility tool feature. Users of the university survey tool are strongly encouraged to review their survey for accessibility.

7 . Compliance with Student Union policies: Students’ Union Qualtrics users are required to abide by the Students’ Union’s policy and guidelines. Please contact the Students’ Union for more information.

Users should note that brand administrators can, at any time, review the content of each account, and notify users of breaches or, if necessary, suspend the account.