UCalgary Qualtrics Help and Support Centres

Qualtrics help and support pages are the first points of contact for the University Survey Tool. Should you require additional training in using the University Survey Tool, review the section on training and documentation.

If you have general questions about the survey tool, or specific issues with creating survey questions, creating a contact list, or publishing your survey, Qualtrics has extensive online documentation that covers every aspect of their platform. For all other questions or issues, please contact Qualtrics Support.

When contacting Qualtrics Support:

  1. At the Qualtrics Login screen, click "Sign in with SSO"
  2. Enter ucalgary for your organization ID
  3. Click Continue
  4. At the CAS prompt, enter your credentials

Migrating from an Individual Qualtrics License to UCalgary Qualtrics

If you have purchased your own individual license from Qualtrics, you must contact Qualtrics Support and request to migrate your current account to UCalgary.

Migrating from Another Qualtrics University License to UCalgary Qualtrics

If you currently have an active Qualtrics account from another university and wish to migrate to UCalgary Qualtrics you must contact Qualtrics Support and request to migrate your current account to UCalgary.

Migrating From Fluid Survey, Survey Monkey and Other Non-Qualtrics Survey Tools

No support is provided for non-Qualtrics survey tool users. Any migration to Qualtrics assumes that you can export your questionnaire as a text file. Please review your license. Free licenses generally do not provide the ability to export one's questionnaire.

It is feasible to migrate a basic Survey Monkey / Fluid Survey questionnaire into Qualtrics. Generally speaking, one would export the Survey Monkey / Fluid Survey questionnaire as a text file which is then imported in Qualtrics. This assumes a simple questionnaire with multiple choice questions. Any question logic (hiding questions or skipping questions based on previous answers) would not be imported; these would have to be manually re-done. It is likely that substantial editing would be required for each imported questionnaire.

Importing the data stored in Survey Monkey / Fluid Survey would have to be exported and imported manually. Correct migration of the data assumes that the questionnaire imported in Qualtrics is exactly the same as the one in Survey Monkey (i.e. same number of questions, same number of categories per question, same question categories labels and values, etc.).

For further information see Qualtrics online help: Preparing a Simple Format TXT file, and Preparing an Advanced Format TXT file.

Logging through the Central Authentication System (CAS) ensures that only eligible students, staff and faculty can access UCalgary resources. At the moment, CAS is not supported when signing off from Qualtrics. In order to complete the sign off process, you are requested to close the browser. Closing the browser tab is not sufficient to complete the signing off process.

Chrome users must turn off the "continue where you left off" feature. Closing the Chrome browser will not sign you off from Qualtrics if "Continue where you left off" is set. Please turn off this feature.

To turn off this feature, please follow the "Have a new tab open" instructions under "Set your Startup Page" section on the Google Help pages.

The section on training and documentation provides additional resources. For all other inquiries, email the Office of Institutional Analysis at AskOIA.