The Office of Institutional Analysis (OIA) has developed the Fact Book to provide frequently requested current and historical statistical information about the University of Calgary. The primary purpose of the Fact Book is to provide planners and decision-makers with the information they need to assess and improve the programs and services provided to our community.

The format and contents of the Fact Book have evolved in response to changing information needs and circumstances. This 49th edition of the Fact Book is for the first time in an interactive dashboard. It contains historical summary level and detailed information up to a period of 5 years.

The core areas the Fact Book covers are listed below:

1. Student Enrolment

2. Degrees, Certificates & Diplomas

3. Course Data

4. Staff

5. Library Collections (not available at the moment)

A document compiled by OIA to help guide you through the terminology used in the Fact Book is available here.