Support Level

IDG Pyramid - Data Governance Administrator

Data Governance Administrator (DGA)

The Data Governance Administrator (DGA) will be a dedicated .25 - .5 FTE in the Office of Institutional Analysis (OIA). The DGA will lead and facilitate (prepare, manage and run) meetings with DG Advisory Group, Information Stewards, Subject Matter Experts and Data Governance Working Team(s). The DGA will liaise with the university stakeholders, drive requirements for data standards, and lead the overall institutionalization of the Data Governance framework. This individual will work collaboratively across the university and bring together an institutional view of the data needs and challenges.

Data governance responsibilities:

  • Promote and educate the UCalgary business units about the Institutional Data Governance (IDG) Practice and its activities and benefits.
  • Provide strategic advice to the DG Advisory Group and follow their guidance and priorities to activate Data Governance Working Teams.
  • Author standards, policies, and procedures in collaboration with the Data Governance Working Team (DGWT), Information Stewards, and Data Governance Partners.
  • Develop, review and monitor data governance metrics to assess performance and effectiveness of the IDG Practice.
  • Manage all UCalgary-wide data governance activities and has the responsibility for reporting the results and status of the effort to the DG Advisory Group.
  • Establish and ensure adherence to the Institutional Data Governance framework for data policies, standards, and practices, both at the UCalgary and business unit level.
  • Serve as a point of escalation for governance, data quality and availability issues.
  • Work closely with business and functional leadership to improve the availability and value of core data assets.
  • Respond to operational requirements as well as support the strategic requirements for the UCalgary.

IDG Pyramid - Data Governance Partners

Data Governance Partners

Data Governance Partners are staff members from teams that provide support services.

Data governance responsibilities:

  • Provide business and technical advisory support for Data Governance activities and become actively engaged, as needed, in providing their expertise.
  • Ensure that data documentation critical to achieving Data Governance is included in projects and other data-focused activities.
  • Work with the Data Governance Administrator to ensure that all projects source and use data from the system of record in accordance with approved data standard and handling rules.
  • Ensure that technical data meets all data classification requirements.
  • Secure IT infrastructure on behalf of the UCalgary Business Units that have responsibility for the data.
  • Assure that sensitive data, regardless of format, is protected at all times by only using approved equipment, networks, and other controls.
  • Champion the integration of data governance within the standard project methodology.
  • Ensure that standard project methodology is followed, and that policies, procedures and metrics are in place for maintaining/improving data quality and the creation, capture and maintenance of data documentation.
  • Ensure that projects source and use data as much as is feasible from the designated system of record. 
  • Provide technical support for Data Governance efforts when required.

IDG Pyramid - Data Governance Working Teams

Data Governance Working Teams

Data Governance Working Teams (DGWT) span tactical and operational levels. These Teams consist of the Data Governance Administrator (DGA) and business leaders (who are the largest stakeholders in the subject area), as well as representation from impacted business functions.

Data governance responsibilities:

Convened by Institutional Data Governance and facilitated by the Data Governance Administrator (DGA) to address quality data issues or participate in data projects.

Working groups should be formed and engaged to:

  • assist IDG, as necessary, to identify and/or recommend options to resolve data issues;
  • improve UCalgary Enterprise Data Definitions and Standards for data elements;
  • improve Data Production and Collection;
  • improve Data Usage and Understanding of Business Data Rules; and,
  • improve Data Quality through Data Documentation and Metadata.

IDG Pyramid - Data Producers and Users

Data Producers and Users

People throughout the university that produce and/or use data as part of their job function. These individuals are responsible and have a level of accountability for ensuring they are using data correctly.  How individuals perceive their relationship with data is very important for a data-informed institution.  Data producers/users can be seen as informal information stewards.