Executive Level

IDG Pyramid - Executive Level

Information Trustees

Information trustees executive-level institutional officers (e.g., President, Vice-Presidents, and General Counsel) who have authority over policies and procedures regarding business definitions of data and the access and usage of that data within their delegations of authority. Information Trustees appoint Information Stewards within business units.

The Provost and Vice-President Academic is the Sponsor of the Institutional Data Governance practice.


Information Asset Management Committee (IAMC)

IAMC oversees the management and protection of Information Assets.

Information Trustees - Data governance responsibilities:

  • Stay informed about the activities of the Institutional Data Governance (IDG) Practice.
  • Promote the adoption of the IDG Practice.
  • Provide leadership, guidance and support to Information Asset Management Committee (IAMC) and the IDG Practice.
  • Identify DG Advisory Group representative and encourage their participation in the IDG Practice.
  • Sponsor, approve, and champion the institutional strategic plan and policy for data governance.
  • Communicate the expectations and requirements for data governance to the lines of business.


IAMC - Data governance responsibilities:

  • Support and sponsor the Institutional Data Governance (IDG) Practice.
  • The Executive Sponsor provides oversight of the IDG Practice.
  • Maintain representation of the university business units on the DG Advisory Group.
  • Approve strategic direction and prioritization of data governance initiatives to be addressed by DG Advisory Group.
  • Stay informed about the activities of the Data Governance Administrator (DGA) and the IDG Practice.
  • Review IDG Practice success metrics and make decisions as needed.
  • Foster cooperation among university business units as it relates to data governance.
  • Approve data governance policies developed (recommended) by the DG Advisory Group.
  • Resolve issues escalated by the DG Advisory Group.