World's Challenge Challenge

An exciting way to connect with emerging global issues

What is the World's Challenge Challenge?

This innovative competition is an exciting way for UCalgary students to engage with other students from around the world to address global challenges from a wide variety of viewpoints. By participating in this program, students will develop their critical thinking skills, global mindset, leadership, research, and presentation skills.

How does this challenge work? 

  1. Choose your team: Teams of 2-4 UCalgary students will work together to identify a global problem and pitch a solution. We encourage you to work in groups made up of students with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds so that your pitch is well-rounded.

  2. Choose a global challenge: UCalgary student teams will identify a global problem the world is currently facing. Participants are encouraged to explore issues that affect their own lives or challenges that they feel passionate about.

  3. Apply: Teams will complete an application including basic information about the challenge and proposed solution. Applications for the 2022 competition will be open in late fall. 

  4. Workshops: One member of your team is required to attend Intro to Sustainable Development hosted by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation.

  5. Semi-finals: A maximum of 30 teams will be selected to share their solutions in 3 minutes in front of a panel of judges at the WCC UCalgary Semi-Finals competition at a time assigned to your team. From there, a select number of teams will be chosen to present at the WCC UCalgary Finals competition.

  6. UCalgary Finals: The shortlisted teams will share 5-7 minute presentations to a panel of judges.

  7. Global Finals: The first place winner from UCalgary’s Finals will be sent to the Global Finals for the chance to win $30,000!

Who can participate?

The WCC is open to teams of two to four members, ideally from different disciplines or faculties. You must be a current University of Calgary undergraduate or graduate student, full or part-time. In order to be eligible to participate at the Global Finals, teams must have a minimum of two members present at the online competition and all team members who are virtually present for the Global Final must participate in the competition.

How do I select a topic?

The topic selection for this competition is not limited, and a list of ideas has been put together to get you started. Further, you could reference the UN Sustainable Development Goals to identify some of the greatest challenges facing the world right now. 

How will I know what I am doing?

First, we have every confidence in our students to put together amazing pitches! However, if you are in need of some guidance, your team will be paired with a mentor prior to the UCalgary finals. Your mentor will help you to prepare, refine, and improve your presentation in order to ensure that your pitch is polished and professional.

Additionally, we have a list of resources below that we encourage you to access as you prepare your presentations. 

I have questions, who can I contact?

If you have questions, you can email and someone from our team will respond to you. We are happy to connect via email and zoom. 




Water Movement takes third place at 2021 World's Challenge Challenge global final

Water Movement, created by UCalgary students Bita Malekian, Amrita Nag, Kondwani Asefa and Anita Malekian, is a collaborative online platform where Indigenous water treatment operators can connect and access resources to improve, optimize and sustain equipment and processes, in an effort to address Canada’s water crisis.

Click the image above to read more about Water Movement's work and success in the World's Challenge Challenge.

2019 WCC Finalists


Applications for 2022

Please note that applications and details for the 2022 competition will be released in late fall. If you would like to be notified once they open, register your name and email via the survey linked below. 

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