Preventing Bike Theft

Biking is one of the best ways to navigate to and around campus. At any given day during bike-friendly months, hundreds of students, faculty, and staff ride bicycles on campus as their main form of transportation. Whether for environmental reasons or as a cost-efficient transportation method, bikes are a popular conveyance for our active campus population. But just like the rest of Calgary, the university has had its fair share of preventable bike theft.

In 2022, fifty-eight bikes were reported stolen from campus. One of the most powerful tools against bike theft is knowing how to correctly secure your bike.

Learn to Lock Up Right

  • Choose the right lock, not the least expensive.
  • Lock your bike to a bike rack, or to something that cannot be cut, lifted or removed.
  • Lock your bike in a well-lit area with high foot traffic and good visibility.
  • Lock your bike using a multi-lock system that makes bikes harder to steal (see diagram).
  • Make sure your lock is a tight fit.
  • Take the seat with you.
An illustration of a bike locked with a U-Lock.

The best way to lock a bike is using a multi-lock system that uses both a chain lock and a U-lock. Secure the U-lock through the back wheel and frame, while interlocking the chain lock through the top of the U-lock, the front wheel and frame

Bike lockers at the foothills campus

Use Secure Bike Lockers

Take advantage of protected bike lockers, located both on the Foothills campus and in the Arts Parkade on main campus. Bike lockers are the most secure way to store your bike on campus, for $30 per year, it’s an affordable option if you ride even semi-regularly. 

Buy your bike locker permits in person from Parking and Transportation Services.

Report to Campus Security

Reporting thefts and suspicious activity is vital to catching thieves and preventing more thefts in the future. Reporting thefts helps Campus Security and the Calgary Police Service identify high-problem areas, theft patterns, and in finding the perpetrators.

Bicycle theft can be reported to Campus Security online, by phone or in person. You can also report suspicious behaviour using the UCSafety app.

Bike Safety Tips

  • Dismount bike when using a crosswalk
  • When riding on roadway, obey all traffic control devices 
  • Always wear a helmet when riding
  • Use lights/reflectors when riding at night
  • Ride at appropriate speed and be considerate of pedestrians
  • Ensure your lock is properly affixed