Closed Circuit Television Cameras

Campus Security dispatchers use the Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) system to monitor the university grounds and high traffic and sensitive areas inside buildings 24 hours a day. The CCTV system is primarily used to monitor suspicious activity and detect criminal activity, helping Security Members to respond in a timely and effective manner.

The University of Calgary began transitioning components of the campus security systems to the Genetec Security Centre Unified Platform in 2015. Since the project began, over 2,600 high-resolution digital cameras have been mounted on buildings, in parking lots, and building interiors — including the 159+ cameras installed at the Foothills campus. Campus Security is closing in on its long-term goal to have a fully integrated electronic security systems.

Personal Privacy

An integrated CCTV system brings further centralization and efficiency to the processes that help to protect and assist the campus community — however, the significant increase in CCTV monitoring coverage on campus does not impact private spaces. Cameras are never placed in private offices, labs, or washrooms, and they are never directed at the windows of private workspaces or residences. 

A building priority list for CCTV deployment was established through a risk-based approach and currently, approximately thirty buildings on the main campus are compliant with CCTV standards. CCTV installations will continue according to building priority and budget.