Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

The University of Calgary has placed automated external defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the university for use by untrained individuals in the event another person experiences a cardiac malfunction. 

An Automated External Defibrillator

An AED is a portable device designed to be simple to use. An AED automatically diagnoses potentially life threatening cardiac malfunctions in a patient, and is able to treat them through defibrillation. Once turned on, an automated voice will direct the user in clear, easy to understand terms. However, the units alone cannot save a person. 911 must be called as soon as possible.

Campus Security is available to conduct brief information sessions with any department or group who would like to know more about the machines. Call Security Operations, for more information at 403.220.5061, or contact

Administration Building

Main floor, adjacent to the freight elevator

Arts Parkade

6th floor, across from Small Gallery near main entrance

Biological Sciences

Main floor, across from elevators, by stairwell

Cascade Hall

Main floor by Conference Housing desk, lobby

Calgary Centre for Innovative Technology

Main floor adjacent to fire panel and main entrance

Central Heating and Cooling Plant

Main floor control room

Child Care Centre

Main entrance adjacent to reception desk

Child Development Centre

Main floor on wall between stairs and elevators

Clinical Skills Building

Main entrance, right side of hallway

Craigie Hall

  • Main floor, C/D block foyer, under thermostat

  • Main floor, University Theatre, wall by ticket windows

Crowsnest Hall

Main Desk lobby

Dining Centre

Ground floor, east wall outside Residence Offices

Earth Sciences

  • Main floor, elevator pillar across from men’s washroom

  • 6th floor, elevator lobby across from elevators

Education Block

Main floor, under Assembly Point sign, by room 179

Education Tower

7th floor, wall between elevators 2 and 3

Energy Environment Experiential Learning

  • West main floor elevator lobby

  • East main floor elevator lobby

Engineering Complex- A Block

Basement, near Room A 11

Engineering Complex- E Block 

  • Basement, beside F block doors

  • 2nd Floor, beside F block doors

Engineering Complex- G Block  

  • Near room G 24

  • Near room G 130

  • Near room G 230

  • Near room G 330

  • Near room G 430

Grounds Building

Inside main entrance by fire panel

Health Sciences

  • Across from Information desk, by food donations

  • On wall beside Hippocrates statue in Mall

  • 1500z corridor, outside room 1501

Heritage Medical Research Building

Second floor beside stairwell.

Information Communication Technology

Main floor, assembly point wall outside room 102

Kananaskis Station

Forestry Office entranceway

Kinesiology A 

  • Main, Floor, Barons Court, across from Client Services Desk.

  • Main Floor, Aquatic Centre, next to change room doors

Kinesiology B 

  • Basement floor, Jack Simpson Gym entrance, next to emergency help button   

  • 2nd floor, Jack Simpson Gym entrance, beside west elevator   

  • Main floor, near east main fire panel, MacEwan Hall link entrance 

  • Main floor, Fitness Centre, main floor desk

  • Main floor, Racquet Centre, next to emergency help button

  • Main floor, Human Performance Lab, outside B103

  • 2nd floor, Human Performance Lab, outside B2225

Life Sciences

Front hallway by boardroom

MacEwan Student Centre 

2nd floor information desk by west elevators (food court)

Math Sciences

  • Main floor inside main doors, beside room 126

  • 4th floor, wall adjacent to elevators

McKimmie Block

  • Main floor, beside fire panel (Service Stop)

  • 4th floor elevator/stairwell lobby

McKimmie Link  

Main floor, NE corner by Help Phone

McKimmie Tower  

3rd floor elevator lobby

Mechanical Engineering  

Main floor beside elevators and lockers

Murray Fraser Hall 

2nd floor outside Law Library

Nickle Arts

Main floor by reception desk

Olympic Volunteer Centre  

Main floor adjacent to Parking Services offices

Olympic Oval  

Ice level by skate shop/help phone

Physical Plant  

Hallway wall, staff kitchen 2251U

Professional Faculties  

  •  2nd floor, top of stairs between Nursing and EVDS

  •  Mezzanine level, near Soup Link across from North exit

Murray Fraser Hall  

Second floor wall by help phone adjacent to Law Library

Reeve Theatre 

Wall outside room 128 (near coat room)

Rozsa Centre  

Main east entrance by building fire panel

Science A  

Main floor west, across from Chemistry Department offices

Science B  

Main floor beside elevator

Science Theatres  

Main floor lobby beside Zipper

Scurfield Hall 

2nd (main) floor on wall near fire panel, beside room 202

SMART Technologies 

  • Main Security Desk

  • Outside of fitness area

Social Sciences 

  • 2nd (main) floor lobby between elevators 2 and 3

  • 7th floor between elevators 1 and 2

Taylor Family Digital Library

Main floor Service Desk

Teaching Research and Wellness  

Main floor by elevators and parking machine

University Research Building 

Main reception/security desk

Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator Instructional Video