Institutional Data Governance Central Repository

The IDG Central Repository contains resources in support of the Institutional Data Governance Practice at the University of Calgary. Information Stewards and subject matter experts can use the site to access data governance assets (documents, tools, templates) useful in carrying out their data governance responsibilities. Data producers and data consumers can access the Business Glossary, Shareholder Registry, and Data Domain Maps to discover what data sets are available, learn what the data elements mean, who the Information Stewards are, and how/why they can have confidence in the data.

Resource Highlights:

  • Business Glossary - contains information about the university’s Critical Data Elements and their definitions. The glossary ensures consistency and standardization of terms.
  • Data Domain Maps - explore data domains and identify what data is available across the institution.
  • Stakeholder Registry - locate Information Stewards responsible for the data.

Proceed to the IDG Central Repository

Note: A UCalgary CAS (Central Authentication Service) account is required to access the Central Repository

Access to the Central Repository is available to University of Calgary staff. To request access, please contact the Data Governance Administrator, Jean Gomes,