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News Archive 2010

Dr. Lorna Marsden to Serve as Expert Panel Chair on Women in University Research
Council of Canadian Academies | Dec. 17, 2010
Why don't female Canadian researchers hold more Canada Excellence Research Chairs? As Chair of the Expert Panel, Dr. Marsden will work with the Panel to examine which factors influence the career trajectory and statistical profile of women researchers in Canadian universities.

Improving Work–Life Satisfaction for Women Scientists
Women in Cell Biology | Nov. 2010
Science is a fun and interesting career, but it rarely, if ever, fits into a nice 9-to-5 box. If you are a woman scientist, you have probably experienced some of the challenges of balancing your career and the rest of your life.

Ph.D. Pipeline Expands Slightly
Inside Higher Ed | Nov. 25, 2010
The number of research doctorates awarded by American universities grew slightly in 2009, with virtually all of the increase accounted for by an upturn in Ph.D.s and other degrees granted to women.

Study Suggests Simple Fix to Help Women Succeed in Science
PBS Newshour - The Rundown | Nov. 25, 2010
A simple 15-minute writing exercise could help young women succeed in math and science classes

For Women Leaders, Body Language Matters
Gender News | Nov. 15, 2010
When it comes to leadership...there are very few differences in what men and women actually do and how they behave.  But there are major differences in perception.  Men and women doing the same things are perceived and evaluated differently.

A great new resource for PhD students: CareerWISE
The CareerWISE resource aims to strengthen women's skills in managing personal and interpersonal challenges along the way to completing STEM graduate degrees and entering careers

Why more women aren't becoming engineers
Globe and Mail  | Nov. 9, 2010

In fact, the number of women getting into engineering in Canada has been on the decline, despite a decade of efforts to encourage more girls to think of technicalcareers.

Engineering Gender Balance: For the first time, women outnumber men in Harvey Mudd’s freshman class
Claremont Portside | Nov 2, 2010
A math, science and engineering college in Claremont, California reports 52% women in its first year class.

Women’s choices, not abilities, keep them out of math-intensive fields
Science Blog | Oct. 26, 2010
Why are only 9% to 16% of tenure-track positions in math-intensive fields such as physics, electrical engineering, computer science held by women?  

Females Are Equal to Males in Math Skills, Large Study Shows
ScienceDaily | Oct. 13, 2010
The mathematical skills of boys and girls, as well as men and women, are substantially equal, according to a new examination of existing studies in the current online edition of journal Psychological Bulletin.

The Women's Advancement Office's Faculty Newsletter is out!
Women's Advancement Office, University of Calgary | Oct. 8, 2010

Engaging Girls in STEM
The Journal | Sept. 8, 2010
The results are in, and girls in the United States aren't any more interested in STEM (science, technology, math and engineering) careers than they were 10 or 20 years ago. More alarming is the fact that those girls who do take an interest in such subjects at the middle school and high school level tend to drift to other interests in college.

Women at work: still behind on the bottom line
Globe and Mail  | Sept. 8 2010
Canadian women best their male counterparts in high school, college and university, but they fall starkly behind on the bottom line – in their paycheques. And the disparity looks even worse when compared with other developed countries. 

Salaries for women profs at U of C less than men
The Calgary Herald | Aug. 11, 2010
Male professors at Canadian universities tend to earn higher salaries than their female colleagues, and some of the steepest of these gender wage discrepancies can be seen on the paycheques of U of C faculty members. "We recognize there is a gap and it is a historical one...We're trying very hard to understand why it exists and how we're going to fix it." 

Getting girls hooked on computers
Utoday | June 15, 2010
New program to bust myths about computer careers. 

Where are the women scientists?
CBC's Quirks & Quarks | May 21, 2010
19 top scientists from around the world were recruited to come to this country as Canada Excellence Research Chairs. All of them were men. Every single one. 19 men. Zero women."

Why Do Women Leave Science and Engineering? (Research Report)
"Why do women leave science and engineering fields? A new study finds that “60% of the gap can be explained by the relatively greater exit rate from engineering of women dissatisfied with pay and promotion opportunities", not from family-related explanations, which are often blamed for the gap."

Pipeline's Broken Promise (Research Report)
Catalyst | February 2010
"Pipeline’s Broken Promise, examines the conventional wisdom of the past two decades in which leaders have counted on parity in education, women’s accelerated movement into the labor force, and company-implemented diversity and inclusion programs to yield a robust talent pipeline where women are poised to make rapid gains to the top. Findings reveal that instead of women and men being on equal footing and their career trajectories gender-blind, inequality remains entrenched."

Why So Few? (Research Report)
American Association of University Women | February 2010
Ever wondered why there are still so few women scientists and engineers when women are becomingly increasingly prominent in medicine, law and business?


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