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Graeme Bell Travel Award

• The Graeme Bell Travel Award  Application Forms

Have you ever thought of traveling elsewhere to present your research? Flying to a far off destination like Boston or London to present your research findings at a prestigious conference? Or attending a Canadian seminar to see your highly acclaimed abstract published for the very first time? If you dream of these types of things at night, you may want to consider applying for the Graeme Bell Travel Award.

The Graeme Bell program offers up to four travel awards per year, each valued at $1,000.00. Application deadlines are September 8 (for travel between January and November of the current year) and February 8 (for travel between June of the previous year and February of the current year). See notes below for further clarification.

These awards are designed to support travel to a conference or seminar related to your undergraduate research in health and wellness.

Please note:

  • Up to two Travel Awards may be given for each of the February and September application sessions.
  • To be eligible you must have been a full-time UofC student while conducting your research.
  • To be eligible the student research must fall under the large umbrella of "Health and Wellness". However, the student research did not have to be completed via the Markin USRP studentship program. "Health and Wellness" research conducted via NSERC, PURE, CIHR, etc., as well as via coursework is eligible.
  • The research that you are presenting must have been conducted while you were an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary. You do not, however, currently need to be an undergraduate student in order to apply (e.g., students who have convocated are still eligible to apply as long as the research was conducted while you were an undergraduate student at the U of C).
  • Your travel must fall within the specified period of time (specific dates are listed on the application form). Because these dates of travel typically occur before the application deadline, this means that you will have likely already completed your travel before you apply (i.e., this can be and most often is a retroactive award). In addition, please note that your travel dates may actually be eligible for both application deadlines.
  • Travel can be provincial, national or international.
  • Preference will be given to students who have had their abstracts accepted for presentation at a conference. Applicants are asked to provide proof of abstract acceptance with their application form.

The Graeme Bell Travel Award application form can be found at Application Forms