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Infrastructure Operating Fund

Operating & Maintenance for CFI-funded Research Infrastructure

For all research projects funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the University receives an allocation of 30% of the total CFI funding to be distributed internally for O&M costs. This funding allocation is called the Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF). The internal distribution of IOF is at the discretion of the University.

Researchers successful in receiving CFI funding will be able to access up to 83% of the IOF allocation associated with the project.

  • This equals 25% of their total CFI funding for the project. For example, if the CFI award is $100,000, then the researcher can access up to an additional $25,000 in IOF funds, out of a total IOF allocation of $30,000.

The remaining percentage of IOF funds will be held centrally by the Vice-President (Research) to form a contingency fund for the University’s CFI projects, to be distributed via a formal application process.

If you have questions about how to access IOF funding, please contact the Project Analyst assigned to your project, or Anna Wang (

Procedure for Accessing Additional Operating Funds

Recognizing the need to allow for contingencies associated with these projects, the University is creating the Central Operating for Research Equipment (CORE) fund. 

In the event a CFI project needs operating funds in addition to the IOF allocation of 25%, the Principal Investigator may submit a request for CORE funding. Deans or Associate Deans Research can also submit a CORE request on behalf of several CFI projects and leverage that support (i.e. one technician servicing more than one CFI project).

CORE funding decisions will favour requests from projects that:

  • Serve a large set of researchers and teams that include a shared-cost arrangement at the Department or Faculty level (for LEF/NIF projects)
  • Include a commitment for complete support after CORE funds are spent
  • Are faced with an exceptional O&M need that could not reasonably have been predicted at application stage

The process for accessing CORE funds is currently under development.