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About Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering tools and approaches to advance knowledge and solve problems in animal and human biology, medicine and health care.

Biomedical engineering has dramatically advanced health care and health-related research over the past half-century for both human and animal populations, and will have an even greater influence in the future. High-quality health care is the foundation of a healthy society: health is at the core of quality of life and also drives social and economic development. Biomedical engineering makes important differences every day to individuals by extending their lives, ensuring the safety of their food and water supplies, improving their quality of life, promoting independence, and providing more effective options for front-line health care professionals.

The University of Calgary has a strong track record of great accomplishments in biomedical engineering, based on making significant 

Biomedical Engineering Research Strategy

investments in this area to build a solid foundation of truly interdisciplinary research and training. Engineering Solutions for Health: Biomedical Engineering is one of the University of Calgary’s strategic research themes. Through the implementation of the Biomedical Engineering Research Strategy, the university will leverage its accomplishments and investments to deliver innovative, sustainable biomedical engineering solutions for multifaceted health needs. Integrated cross-disciplinary project teams of biomedical engineers, clinical researchers, and scientists will partner with health care, animal care, agricultural and technology communities and industries. These integrated teams will lead the development and implementation of new biomedical devices, technologies and strategies for monitoring and prevention of diseases and injuries; accurate diagnostics; and novel treatments, as well as using systems engineering principles to continuously improve the health system.

This strategy will target health problems with the highest burden in terms of decreased quality of life, financial cost, mortality and morbidity — particularly cardiovascular disease, cancer, injuries, musculoskeletal diseases and neurological conditions. Biomedical engineering research and health-related technologies developed at the University of Calgary will improve the health and quality of life of people and animals around the world — and also diversify Alberta’s knowledge-based economy through technology transfer and company start-ups that support growth in the bio-industry sector.