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Welcome message from Dr. Marc Poulin

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Welcome to the Mountain Medicine and High Altitude Physiology Training Specialization!

This training specialization is unique in Canada and the first of its kind in the world that aims to better understand the adaptations (acute and chronic) associated with the hypoxia of altitude in humans. The goal of the specialization is to introduce trainees from mountainous countries to study physiological adaptations of, and pathophysiology associated with, the hypoxia of altitude. Many pathophysiological mechanisms underlying diseases associated with the hypoxia of high altitude (i.e., Acute and Chronic Mountain Sickness; High Altitude Pulmonary Edema, High Altitude Cerebral Edema) remain elusive and this specialization may help to shed more light on these problems and others associated with hypoxia and high altitude. Both the theoretical components and the controlled research studies will be taught at the University of Calgary. These components will be complimented, when appropriate, by field studies in the mountains of the Himalayas of Nepal, the Canadian Rockies and the Peruvian Andes. As the program expands, it is expected that other mountainous countries will become involved and that field studies would take place in those locations as well.

We hope this research will benefit sojourners and high altitude natives, and that this initiative between one of the worlds' richest and some of its poorest countries will benefit both participating trainees and the fields of Mountain Medicine and High Altitude Physiology.


Marc Poulin Ph.D.
(Specialization Coordinator)