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ICCI*CC 2014 Keynotes

Keynote Speakers of IEEE ICCI*CC’14

1. Decision-Making Mechanisms in the Brain.
Prof. Edmund T Rolls, Oxford University, UK [PDF] [PDF]

Prof. Edmund T Rolls

2. Robots: The Mind Machine Project [TBD].
Prof. Newton Howard, MIT, USA [PDF] [PDF]

Prof. Newton Howard

3. From Information Revolution to Intelligence/Wisdom Revolution.
Prof. Yingxu Wang, University of Calgary, Canada [PDF] [PDF]

Prof. Yingxu Wang

4. Polyscale analysis and fractional operators for cognitive systems.
Prof. Witold Kinsner, University of Manitoba, Canada [PDF] [PDF]

Prof. Witold Kinsner

5. Technoly Support in Minimizing Cognitive Impairment and Healthy Living [TBD].
Prof. Shushma Patel, London South Bank University, UK [PDF] [PDF]

Prof. Shushma Patel