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Postdoctoral Position, Advanced MRI methods in ALS (University of Alberta)

In the News!

Six premier Government of Canada Research Chairs awarded to UCalgary scholars (Dr. Nils Forkert)

Pregnant, post-partum mom's depression impacts babies' brains (Dr. Catherine Lebel)

Brain Canada funds innovative Alberta-wide research into Alzheimer's (Dr. Eric Smith)

Aspiring young scientist digs deep into the challenge of diagnosing Alzheimer's (Filomeno Cortese)

Top 40 Under 40 Class of 2016 (Catherine Lebel)

Astronauts' sense of direction in low gravity to be studied by University of Calgary researchers (Dr. Giuseppe Iaria)

Five UCalgary scholars named New Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada (Dr. Rangaraj Rangayyan)

New $13.2-million bone and joint health research facility opens at Cumming School of Medicine (Dr. Steven Boyd, Dr. Janet Ronsky)

Calgary’s new centre for bone and joint health helping patients get their mojo back (Dr. Steven BoydDr. Janet Ronsky)

Hongfu Sun, PhD, awarded T. Chen Fong Postdoctoral Fellowship for his innovative MRI methods targeting multiple sclerosis assessment. Read 'One scientist's trash is another's treasure' !

Frank MacMaster, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry (University of Calgary) confronts 'battleground' of youth mental health using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Read the Calgary Herald story here.  

Keith Yeates, PhD, Pediatric Neuropsychologist (University of Calgary, Hotchkiss Brain Institute) leads the university's Integrated Concussion Research Program and the Traumatic Brain Injury Neuro Team. Click on the link to read more about his team's research!

Andrea Protzner, PhD, a researcher at the university's Psychology Department, was featured in a news article regarding Scrabble expertise and functional MRI. Click on the link to read the full story.

Steven Boyd, PhD, a researcher at the university’s McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health, is studying the effect of space flight on bone quality in astronauts using a new 3D imaging technology called HR-pQCT. Click on link to read full story.

Sophia Van Hees, PhD, who will be presenting her work on "The expertise brain of Scrabble players" in our Advanced Imaging Seminar Series on 28 January 2016, is featured in the Calgary Herald! Check it out!

My Grad Skills Workgroup & Events

All workshops and events have received academic oversight and are endorsed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Events occurring during the month of May 2017.

Events occurring during the month of June 2017.

Update: Revised Exchange Applications

Please check out the Graduate Student and Fellows sections of the I3T Funding Opportunities page for the updated Exchange details and form. This revised form should be used for all exchange applications. MSc students in the Medical Imaging Specialization are now able to apply. Funds permitting, Fellows are now allowed to receive exchange funding.

The CREATE I3T Program

The I3T program is open to everyone.  No application is required.  Follow the web site; attend the events---it is that easy.

The program builds upon a vibrant, inter-faculty, established research training and education effort in Southern Alberta. It significantly expands upon the advanced scientific and engineering training already being received by our research trainees. Medical Imaging, the research target for this training program, is an academically rich area that combines elements of advanced computer science, engineering, and physics with biology, psychology, neurosciences, and medical sciences. The CREATE I3T Program will provide enhancements to both the quality of the training and the number of trainees in this area of research endeavor.

The CREATE I3T Program is intended to prepare trainees to be future academic and commercial leaders, by providing them with cutting-edge technical skills and knowledge in Medical Imaging. In addition, the program will provide essential, yet complimentary; scientific, technical, professional and entrepreneurial skills needed for our trainees to advance in their careers and reach their full potential. This web site provides: