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Submitted by akrioutc on Wed, 07/24/2013 - 2:58pm

The IGR is a research organization dedicated to the study of gender and sexual diversity.

Our mission is to foster and provoke transformative gender research within the University of Calgary and its community stakeholders.

  • encourage curiosity and public knowledge of gender and sexual diversity issues
  • showcase our community and translate knowledge into public opinion and policy, striving to help jump-start the ‘stalled’ gender revolution
  • increase collaboration between gender and sexual diversity researchers by creating spaces of connection and inspiration on local and global levels
  • support and enhance academic programs and campus initiatives centred on gender and sexual diversity
  • embrace the multi-faceted and transformative nature of gender and sexual diversity research on feminisms, sexuality, masculinities, gender beyond women, queer topics, and many other intersecting issues of justice, knowledge, and power
Innovation and Multiple Ways of Knowing

The IGR believes that we must challenge ourselves with new ways of knowing so as to conduct research on the edge: that is, research that shifts, expands, or balances between existing paradigms. We are, therefore, committed to pursuing and exchanging knowledge in ways that range from standard to taboo and with knowledge-seekers who traverse all walks of life and ways of knowing. This is a diverse and daring form of community engagement, a process of sparking innovation in the fields of gender and sexuality, and a search for new questions and better answers.

Transformative Research

The processes of transformative research and the knowledge generated through them must in some way be tools for long-term, self-sustaining praxis. We must support a search for knowledge that becomes useful to us as researchers, the communities we are investigating, and, ultimately, the world, in creating positive change. Transformative research begets greater innovations. Once it has been conducted and its findings applied the researcher is free to move on to the next, equally powerful, project. 

IGR Committment to Eyes High

The Institute for Gender Research goals, priorities, and central beliefs consistently flourish from, and integrate, the University of Calgary Eyes High Vision and Strategy. Please feel free to inquire or check back for more details.

Upcoming Events!

Gender and Sexual Diversity Symposium, March 28-29th, 2014 @ The Loft!

More details coming soon.

We are looking for more participants in Diversity Discourse Night on March 28th 6-9 pm, including student clubs and community partners! Please register and participate for free here. This event, just like the rest of the Symposium, is free and open to the public.

IGR Blog & Updates

Read the IGR story on UToday here!

What We're Up To

Currently, the IGR is working on its website, setting up social media accounts, looking for grad students that are doing work in gender and sexual diversity studies, putting together advisory boards, compiling related campus and community group listings, and looking forward to continued support from the Faculty of Arts, as well as the greater University community and it stakeholders! We're also stoked and busy with our upcoming events, and have already successfully hosted Kevin Allen's ever-popular talk on Queer History in Calgary and Courtney Trouble's groundbreaking work in Queer Porn Behind the Scenes with Courtney Trouble in addition to many other events.