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Services for Off-Campus Students

Are you a student who is studying off campus, or are you unable to access our in-person mental health because you’re in a community-based program? If so, we have a Distance Student Support Advisor who is available for you. They’re here to help you with anything that may be preventing you for achieving personal or academic success. Issues they can help address include stress, anxiety, loneliness and isolation.

To contact our Distance Student Support Advisor, please email at and indicate the community in which you are studying.

Important Information about accessing Mental Health Services during COVID-19

During COVID-19, many students are studying outside the province of Alberta. Our mental health team are licensed to practice in Alberta. In some circumstances, team members are able to obtain temporary licensure to provide mental health services to students located in other select provinces on an as-needed basis.

Students currently residing outside of Alberta are encouraged to contact to confirm eligibility for services. Please indicate the current province in which you are located and the province of your primary residence (if different). If you are not eligible for services, we will help connect you to alternative supports.

Accessing Mental Health Supports

  • BC Campus: Resources for post secondary student’s in BC
  • YMind (Vancouver residents): A 7-week program for youth 18-30 experiencing symptoms of anxiety
  • Youth Mindfulness Group (Kelowna residents): A 7-week mindfulness course for youth (ages 18-30) who struggle with anxiety in Kelowna.
  • Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre: BC Resource Centre that provides mental health and substance use information for children, youth, and their families
  • Mood Disorders Association of British Columbia: BC non-profit provides information, treatment, education, and support for those living with mood disorders
  • MindHealth BC: A resource for Vancouver Coastal Health residents to find information and resources in their community
  • Foundry BC: Offers support and services to youth age 12-24 years old in various communities and cities in BC
  • BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services: Mental Health and Substance Use services for resident’s of BC