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Student at Risk Team

Concerned about a student? We can help.

Student at Risk Team

The Student at Risk Team is a multi-disciplinary group on campus that responds to concerns about students. The team is available to help other students, faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars in responding to concerns about a student.

When a student is identified as being at risk, the team conducts an assessment for risk of violence, and engages with an identified student as early as possible to minimize the potential for harm. 

The team is available during regular UCalgary business hours, and can be reached by email or by calling 403-220-4923.

What is a student at risk?

A student at risk is a student whose physical or mental state is such that they may be (or have become) a threat to themselves, others, or the University of Calgary community in general.

What do I do?

If you think there's an immediate risk of harm, call 9-1-1 or Campus Security at 403-220-5333. If your concern about a student doesn't involve an immediate risk of harm, contact the Student at Risk Team.

Why contact the Student at Risk Team?

If you're concerned about a student, and think they might be at risk of harming them self or others, let the Student at Risk Team know. We can help by:

  • Making sure the student receives necessary support.
  • Preventing the situation from escalating.
  • Providing a multi-disciplinary approach to the student's situation. 

Training requests

Our team is happy to facilitate group training or consultations if you want to learn more about recognizing or supporting a student at risk.