Student mental health and well-being support

Get professional, confidential mental health advice and support from our Student Support Advisors.

Student Support Advisors are here for you

Mental health support includes more than counselling. Our team of Student Support Advisors are here to help you with any issues keeping you from personal or academic success. Call 403-210-9355 to make an appointment with a Student Support Advisor today.

Visit a Student Support Advisor if you're dealing with:

  • Distress over academics
  • Financial uncertainty
  • Substance use or dependency
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Low motivation
  • Uncertainty about the future

Student Support Advisors can help you: 

  • Find positive ways to cope
  • Manage problematic behaviours
  • Improve personal functioning
  • Enhance your strengths
  • Increase confidence in your academic ability
  • Make general improvements to your well-being
  • Navigate systems on- and off-campus
  • Access culturally relevant wellness supports (such as Cultural and Spiritual Advising for Indigenous students)

Maintain your wellness

Your Student Support Advisor is here for you if you need extra support to maintain your mental health and well-being.

If you need help finding services on or off campus to improve your housing or financial situation, or mental health or academic support  – talk to your advisor. 

If you're struggling to navigate the public health, university or mental health systems, your advisor can help.

Need more support?

If you're dealing with a crisis or ongoing mental health issue, you might need support from a counsellor as well as your advisor. 

Counsellors offer clinical support that Student Support Advisors don't. If you need therapy (Cognitive-Behavioural, Solutions Focused, or Narrative), you might want to see a counsellor. 

Find out more about counselling


Mental health support includes more than one-on-one counselling. Find the right service option for you.

Peer support

Want to talk to someone who gets it? Find a peer support program that fits your schedule. Find peer support options »


Develop the skills to maintain your positive mental health with group programs, workshops, training and online learning. Find learning opportunities »

Drop-in activities

De-stress between classes with drop-in programs to do crafts and meet new people. Find a drop-in program »