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Our brand

UCalgary is where you come to start something.

We make things happen.

At the University of Calgary, we strive to cultivate an environment that fosters innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking. Our mission is to empower a community of forward-thinking individuals who are committed to pushing boundaries and creating positive change in the world.

Whether you're interested in launching your own startup, working for a leading technology company, or pursuing cutting-edge research, UCalgary is the perfect place to start your journey. It is where people and passion and purpose intersect, where access to education, research, and mentorship transforms ideas into action. Our vibrant community of like-minded trailblazers will shape the future through their unique ideas and initiatives.

We are:

Determined | Open-minded | Ambitious | Inquisitive | Transdisciplinary

We have a powerful brand presence when we use our voice and visuals consistently in our communications.

Our story

Our story

Calgary is known as a city where doors are open, teeming with opportunity. A place as wide open as the prairies we live on.

The University of Calgary embodies the same entrepreneurial spirit. 

This is a place where, instead of challenges and problems, we see opportunities to make the world a better place.

We're a supportive community where everyone's perspectives are valued and good ideas flourish.

Where the rush of a new discovery is as exhilarating as the success of a new startup.

So whether you're a student, researcher, alumni or donor, we can make the future anything we want it to be.

We're a community of innovators and changemakers.

Our spirit shows in everything we do, from teaching and learning to research to building our communities.

UCalgary’s entrepreneurial spirit in action

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Our voice

Our voice is how the character of the university comes out in the words we write and speak. It uses language to give our university a distinct and recognizable personality. We should write with purpose, use inclusive and informative language that feels warm and natural. Our voice is:

Clear: we share in a way that is easy to understand.
Friendly: we’re open, approachable and caring.
Sincere: we mean what we say. Nothing phony here.
Vibrant: we have a thriving community with fresh, youthful energy.

  • Our audiences are looking for a brand they can relate to, one that listens, provides relevant information and shows a human side.

  • Through our voice, we can use language to give our brand a distinct personality

  • This applies to: web copy, presentations, technical content, program information, social media, face-to-face, internal communications

  • We speak with purpose — we’re clear and friendly

  • We’re knowledgeable, inclusive and informative

  • We’re engaging and collaborative

  • We welcome diverse voices to the conversation

Learn more about our voice for web and social channels

Our voice is like a conversation with a bright, thoughtful, and caring friend.

Our tone is:

Casual and to the point 

Our words can be short without feeling clipped. To keep readers interested, we vary our tempo by using short sentences mixed with longer ones. 

Personal and inclusive

We create closeness and familiarity with our audiences. We use first-person and second-person perspectives ("we" and "you"). We use conversational language, including contractions.

Minimalist and straightforward

We're concise. We favour being clear over using colloquialisms and obscure words. We don't use jargon, cliches and buzzwords. 

For information about CP style writing, visit UCalgary News Style Guide

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Our visuals

A consistent and cohesive visual identity creates a sense of recognition and trust, which can ultimately lead to greater brand affinity. Consistency in design elements such as colors, fonts, and imagery will help ensure that all communications are easily recognizable as belonging to the University of Calgary. This not only strengthens our brand but also makes it easier for our audience to connect to UCalgary by presenting unified and consistent visuals.

UCalgary brand colours

Our colours

We're bold. We're red and gold. Colour is one of the strongest connections to our visual identity, they are symbolic of our entrepreneurial spirit, passion and determination.

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Our fonts

A font can convey our brand's personality, values, and tone of voice. It can help differentiate and make our identity more recognizable and memorable to our audience.

UCalgary imagery

Our imagery

Imagery is a powerful tool that conveys a message and evokes emotions. Strong visuals communicate our values, personality, and also humanize our brand, making it more relatable and engaging.

UCalgary brand examples