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Students using the university logo

Our logos are reserved for official communications from the institution.

Students may only use UCalgary logos for the following: 

The logo cannot be used by students for:

  • Student groups (use UC interlock below)
  • Student-run events
  • Promotional items (swag, t-shirts, bags, flags, mugs, etc.)
  • External digital presentations (including at conferences)
  • Resumes, CVs or portfolios
  • Email signatures
  • Independent publications
  • Independent websites

UC interlock

UC interlock

This spirit mark is an informal identifying element and can be used by:

  • Recreational sports teams
  • Student groups and clubs
  • Alumni groups
UC Interlock
UC Interlock

Size and spacing

The minimum size for general applications is 2.5 cm or 1 inch high. The UC interlock should be protected on all sides by a clear area to ensure no text or graphics encroach on the mark.

The clear area is determined by using the width of one leg in the “U” itself. The clear area is one times the height of the X on the top and bottom and one times the width of the X on the left and right of the logo.


PowerPoint templates

Bold presentation template

PowerPoint presentation style - Bold

Download 16:9 format
Download 4:3 format

Flourish presentation template

PowerPoint presentation style - Flourish

Download 16:9 format
Download 4:3 format

Conservative presentation template

PowerPoint presentation style - Conservative

Download 16:9 format
Download 4:3 format

PowerPoint - Simple

PowerPoint presentation style - Simple

Download 16:9 format
Download 4:3 format


Research Poster templates

Zoom backgrounds