The wordmark offers flexibility in identifying a faculty, department or unit, without being "locked up" to the university crest. However, it must always be accompanied by the university logo in close proximity.

To request a wordmark, contact brand@ucalgary.ca.

Faculty wordmarks

Faculties, Continuing Education and named schools are expressed in all caps. Only faculties use all caps in the identity system.

Wordmarks are available on request and include single-line, two-line centre-, two-line left-, and two-line right- aligned versions in black and white text.

Do not recreate or typeset these on your own. 


Single line wordmark


Centre aligned

Two-line centre

Left wordmark

Two-line left

Right wordmark

Two-line right

Faculty / department wordmarks

Academic departments within faculties use title case for identification.

Faculty and dept wordmark

Department wordmarks

Faculty departments use title case for identification.

Department only

Administrative and business unit wordmarks

Offices, administrative units, and business units use title case. 

Unit wordmark

Layout examples

There are no size limitations and wordmarks highlight the purpose of the communication. Is this about a faculty, program or event? Should the faculty name be the focus or should it be secondary? Asking these questions will help determine the size and placement of the wordmark.

The examples below show the versatility of the wordmark.

Layout example 1
Layout example 2
Example 3