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Asset downloads

Find pre-built materials that are on brand and ready to use for your communications. Take a look at our visual guidelines page if you have questions on how to use these assets.

UCalgary logo

Our logo represents UCalgary and everything it stands for. For a consistent brand presence on campus and in our community, it's important to follow our logo standards. Downloadable files are available for faculty and staff.

Download our logo


Photos, illustrations and graphics humanize our brand, making it relatable and engaging. Access UCalgary photos, and learn more about graphics and illustrations on the imagery page.

Learn about our imagery


Video has the ability to inspire and motivate, communicating complex messages in a short amount of time. Our resources will help you with your next video project.

Download video assets

Templates and resources

Need to make a postcard, presentation or proposal? Our UCalgary templates will help you quickly create on-brand and professional assets.

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Templates and resources


Poster templates

Download and use these templates for your UCalgary creative projects. The file contains all options shown, just delete any pages you don't need. The posters are available for:

InDesign: Download 11" x 17" format

PowerPoint: Download 11" x 17" format


Postcard templates

The templates are available in two dimensions for your UCalgary creative projects. 

Download 6" x 4" format
Download 7" x 5" format

Download 6" x 4" format
Download 7" x 5" format


Electronic Bulletin Boards:

Download EBB PowerPoint templates in the dimensions needed for the following locations:

Taylor Family Digital Library (1640x1080px)

MacEwan Student Centre and Downtown Campus (1280x720px)

Foothills Campus (1122x611px)

Bookstore (1024x486px)

Olympic Oval HDTV (1920x1080px)

Olympic Oval Jumbotron (752x305px)

PowerPoint templates

Bold presentation template

PowerPoint presentation style - Bold

Download 16:9 format
Download 4:3 format

Flourish presentation template

PowerPoint presentation style - Flourish

Download 16:9 format
Download 4:3 format

Conservative presentation template

PowerPoint presentation style - Conservative

Download 16:9 format
Download 4:3 format

Simple presentation template

PowerPoint presentation style - Simple

Download 16:9 format
Download 4:3 format

Research poster templates

Multi-page templates

Conference Program

Conference program 

Download .docx (Word) file

Non-academic Certificates

Non-academic Certificates

Non-academic Certificates

Download .docx (Word) files - includes all designs

Zoom backgrounds

Business templates

Staff and faculty resources

Advertising guidelines

Design and process for external-facing advertising.

Download PDF

Branded merchandise guidelines

Apparel, gifts and custom merchandise.

Download PDF

Pull-up banner guidelines

Available options and design guidelines.

Download PDF

Official stationery guidelines

Letterhead, business cards, folders, greeting cards, name tags, certificates and more.

Download PDF