Lockups combine the crest and university name with a faculty, department or unit name. The identifier maintains consistency by maintaining typographical hierarchy.

To request a lockup, email brand@ucalgary.ca

Faculty lockups

Faculties, named schools and Continuing Education are expressed in all caps. Only faculties use all caps in the identity system.

Faculty lockup

Faculty and department lockups

Academic departments within faculties use title case for identification.

Faculty/dept lockup

Administrative and business unit lockups

Offices, administrative units, and business units use title case. 

Unit lockups

Note: University entities that require a third line of text, can not be expressed in a lockup. This is to limit the complexity of the logo and to preserve its visual integrity. If a third line of text is needed to indicate, for example, a unit within a department, within a faculty, the hierarchy should be depicted with the University logo separate from the wordmark.

When should I use a lockup?

Lockups are ideal for faculty sponsor recognition, merchandise, and documentation (i.e., course outlines).

They are not meant to be used on official stationery, business cards, websites or community-facing programs, where the university logo is more appropriate. If multiple faculties sponsor an event, the university logo with text identifiers for each should be used.

If you need help determining when the lockup should be used, contact brand@ucalgary.ca.