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The University of Calgary is a large, complex organization with a number of audiences and a number of different stories to tell. We compete provincially, nationally and internationally for resources, students and attention. Speaking clearly and with a consistent voice and look is key to being both recognized and understood. Whether we are trying to secure fundraising support, market a new course or program, or announce a piece of news – we are in competition for the hearts and minds of our target audiences and they are exposed to thousands of messages everyday.

To cut through the clutter, it is essential for the University of Calgary to present a unique, memorable and easily recognizable visual identity that sets us apart. And, we must do so consistently and coherently. Our visual identity is one of our most valuable assets in this marketplace. We must make it as easy as possible for people to recognize information from the University of Calgary. The application and usage of our logo, colours, typography and design standards is one important element in achieving that objective.

In September 2013, the University of Calgary introduced a revised set of visual identity standards and a vastly simplified system of representing people and groups connected to the university. The refreshed system introduces a more logically structured and streamlined visual approach to how the university presents itself and its work to the world. The primary objective of this change is to embrace the commitment to creating “one university family.” The Academic Plan – part of the roadmap to achieving our Eyes High goals – highlights the need to work together to create a shared future and unified environment on campus. Simplifying our visual identity system is an important and practical shift in this direction. Read the Frequently Asked Questions about our identity or review our Visual Identity Standards.

You can help convey a consistent visual identity for the university

Given the challenging budgetary environment in which we work, this project will roll out as an ongoing evolution (rather than a costly one-time change), feeding into natural business and project cycles as opportunities arise, beginning with introduction in September and continuing through 2016. There will be many questions and points of consultation as this rolls out. Use the email address as needed.