Current Students


Dhanae Mogan

A natural curiosity about people is what drew Dhanae to the field of psychology. She has especially enjoyed her work with kids, including those with learning disabilities and ADHD. Seeing the ways in which psychology helps them navigate their obstacles and achieve success inspires her to continue pursuing psychology and seek a deeper understanding of the human mind.

Matthew Richardson

From a young age, I have had a passion for innovation. My creation of water filtration systems and modular chair legs for school science fairs sparked my passion for addressing accessibility problems in my community and beyond. As a biomedical engineering student at the Schulich School of Engineering, this passion has only grown. Professionally, I aspire to work on prosthetic and artificial organ technologies.

Amrit Thandi

As a Health & Society student and second-generation immigrant, Amrit is passionate about achieving health equity for marginalized populations through her commitment to community. She founded OneHeart, a non-profit organization, upon recognizing the disproportionate rate of cardiovascular disease among Punjabi immigrants. OneHeart addresses financial and language barriers to healthy living in a culturally-sensitive manner through workshops, care packages, community partnerships, and a podcast.

Seniru Ruwanpura

A passionate leader, Seniru's ethos on life is based on bringing people together. Seniru strongly believes that society is only as strong as its future generations, striving to create engineering outreach opportunities, research literacy as a research lead at Youreka Canada, and mentoring students at the university and high school level. He also holds a consulting position at Neo Financial with the UCalgary Consulting Club, aiming to create greater outreach for the fintech sector in Calgary.


Past years

Cole Sugden

I'm guided by the notion that life is what you make of it, everyone's experience is totally unique.

Kathy Pham

I endeavor to illuminate marginalized identities, advance social justice, and stay curious.

Keith Letendre

I have volunteered as an orientation leader and in the Emerging and Sophomore Leadership Programs.

Marvi Cheema

I’ve been able to sit on several committees and learn about the inner workings of the university.