Do you have unanswered questions? Read through the Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about the Scholars Academy

Students who have completed at least one semester of their undergraduate degree can apply to join the program. This means you can apply at the end of your first year, or in any of your upper years, excluding your final year. Students in their final year are not eligible to apply. Some students in the program are in after-degrees, or pursuing a second Bachelor’s degree.

We encourage highly motivated students who seek to extend their potential in leadership capabilities, intellectual curiosity, and commitment to local and global communities to apply.

No, undergraduate students in their final year cannot join the program and access benefits. This is because the programming operates on an annual basis and is only beneficial to students who can participate throughout the academic year. Official programming begins at the fall retreat in September.

Students heading directly into a second undergraduate degree and have been admitted to their program of choice are eligible to apply to the Scholars Academy. (e.g. after degree in Education). The following programs are not eligible: MD, JD.

Unfortunately, no. Scholars Academy is only for undergraduate students.

The application to the Scholars Academy requires a personal statement, curriculum vitae, up to two reference letters, and an unofficial transcript. We ask for these components, as they are often the same elements required for admission into graduate or professional school, or scholarship and employment opportunities.

Students from all faculties are welcome to apply to the program.

The number of accepted students varies year to year depending on available resources and qualified applicants. The program has seen as few as ten members to as many as 100.

Once you have been admitted to Scholars Academy, you do not need to reapply every year.

Joining the Scholars Academy is free of cost. There are no associated fees to enjoy the benefits of the program including all events such as our fall retreat.

Students are expected to attend core programming events, which include the Fall and Winter Retreats, Mentorship Breakfasts, Insights: Speaker Series, and Year End Celebration.

The time commitment varies depending on what service project students work on and their mentor relationship. Students are expected to meet with their mentors at least once per term outside of the mentorship events. Generally, Scholars are engaged once to twice a month.

No. But please know that many of the events and opportunities in the program take place in person. We try to offer hybrid events, but please understand that this is not possible for every event. If you are enrolled at UCalgary but are living outside of Calgary, please feel free to contact us at sap@ucalgary.ca if you have questions about how you could participate in Scholars Academy.

April 2, 2024 (same as the application deadline).

The Scholars Academy is committed to providing an application process that is accessible to all students. If you have additional questions about submitting alternative formats, please email sap@ucalgary.ca

Please note that these alternative format options are only applicable to the personal statement and letter of recommendation components of the Scholars Academy application.

Acceptable alternative formats for the personal statement and reference letter:

  • Video (no longer than five minutes)
  • Audio file (no longer than five minutes)

When an alternative format is being submitted, please include it as a page within your application package. This page should include clickable links to your alternative mediums and instructions on how to access these parts of your application.

A CV or curriculum vitae is a document which provides an overview of your experience and other qualifications such as education, awards, extra-curricular engagements, work experience, etc. When putting together your CV, take the time to perform a complete assessment of your qualifications and interests. Think of yourself as a product and make sure your CV presents the product you'd like to sell.

Curriculum Vitae Recording

Abbreviated CV Example

We encourage applicants to provide one academic reference and one professional reference. Academic references include teaching assistants, professors, teachers, etc. Professional references can be a work colleague or supervisor, volunteer, extra-curricular, etc.

Your referees should be able to speak to the skills and attributes that make you an excellent candidate for the Scholars Academy.

Your reference letter should highlight the qualities and abilities that you can bring to the program.  Your referees should touch upon what capacity they have known you and underscore the attributes you demonstrated through your work, research, or volunteering. They need not give a summary of your CV and transcript, as we receive a copy with your application. Please review "5. Reference Letter" on the Apply Page for more information about composing a reference letter. Additionally, you may look through the Criteria and Expectations to see more about what we are looking for in successful candidates.

Yes, your academic references can come from anyone who has worked with you in an academic setting: professor, teacher, teaching assistant, instructor, etc. Generally, the most effective reference letters come from timely or relevant referees. Ie. Do not choose referees who you have not remained in touch with for several years or who cannot speak to your current abilities.

Yes, we offer workshops on all components of the application aside from the transcript. Please see Elevate (Student Success Centre>SSC Events/Workshops) for a list of dates and times, and additional information on each document.

This is a summary of all your Courses and Credits from the University of Calgary. This can be found in your Student Centre under "Academic" and then "Courses and Credits". Please enable your pop-ups to see the PDF.

Once we’ve reviewed your application, you will receive a response from us regardless of the outcome. If you are successful, you will receive an email confirming your shortlisted status and will be invited to interview.

Shortlisted candidates will meet with the review committee for a 20 minute interview. The interview ensures that students admitted to the program not only meet the qualifications on paper, but are capable of setting themselves apart by communicating their accomplishments and goals in a professional and articulate manner.

The interview panel will consist of the Program Coordinator, Program Assistant, and a couple key program stakeholders such as current students or members of the Advisory Council.

Yes! Regardless if you are accepted into the program, we are here to help you with your application components and to provide feedback on your interview. We want you to be successful in your future endeavours.

If you’d like to have a one-on-one meeting with an advisor to discuss and get feedback on your application, please book an appointment through Elevate. After you log in, select Student Success Centre, then Academic Support, then Book by Appointment Type. Then select Scholars Academy Program from the list. This will show you all of the available appointments.

Compile your application according to the steps on the Apply page. Please note that each component of your application must be organized in a specific order, uploaded as a PDF file, and appropriately named using the template, "Faculty_FirstName_LastName_Application." Applications that do not follow this format and order will be ineligible. Refer to the Apply page to see a sample application.

Please direct your referees to send their reference letters separately to sap@ucalgary.ca with the subject line, “Applicant First Name Last Name Reference Letter.”