How to Apply

Applicants are required to submit a personal statement, curriculum vitae, unofficial transcript, and up to two reference letters with their submission to the Scholars Academy. Please follow the steps below for a successful application submission.

Steps Overview

Step 1


Complete your personal and academic information by copying and pasting the required fields from the sample application.

Step 2


Answer the personal statement question in 750 words or less. The personal statement is not a regurgitation of your CV.

Step 3


Insert your CV to your application document.

Step 4


Obtain your unofficial University of Calgary transcript via your Student Centre.

Step 5


Direct your referees to send their letters of reference separately from your application to with the subject line, "Applicant First Name Last Name Reference Letter."

Step 6


Read the additional information under each step. Review the sample application and your application components to ensure they are organized in one PDF document in the correct order of pages. Ensure your application file name is properly saved as "Faculty_FirstName_LastName_Application" when uploading.

Apply Now

Copy, paste, and complete the fields listed on the first page from the sample application. This is the first page of your application. Save your file using the template, "Faculty_FirstName_LastName_Application." ex. ART_Jane_Doe_Application. All faculty abbreviations are listed below.

Note: If you are completing a combined degree, please indicate this using the abbreviation, “COMBO_First Name_Last Name_Application.”

Faculty Abbreviations

ART – Arts
BUS – Business
EDU – Education
ENG – Engineering
KNE – Kinesiology
MED – Medicine
NUR – Nursing
SCI – Science
SOC – Social Work
COMBO – Combined Degree

The role of Scholars Academy is to extend the potential of undergraduate students with exceptional leadership capabilities, intellectual curiosity, and strong commitments to our local and global communities. In 750 words or less, tell us about yourself, including how you demonstrate the criteria above and how Scholars Academy can help you achieve your goals. As a reminder, the personal statement is the most important component of the application; it is not intended as a regurgitation of a CV.

The review committee will take into consideration not the quantity of extra-curricular and work involvement, but the quality of involvement. Some students may have fewer extra-curricular engagements, but solid work experience. You may also wish to include skills and interests.

This is a summary of all your Courses and Credits from the University of Calgary. This can be found in your Student Centre under “Academic” and then “Courses and Credits.” Please enable your pop-ups to see the PDF.

One letter of reference (either academic or professional) is required to accompany your application; however, we do recommend providing up to two letters (one academic and one professional). Students should meet or discuss with each potential referee and provide them with a copy of their application. Academic references include professors, TA, tutors, etc. and professional references include work, volunteer experience, etc. 

All referees must submit a traditional reference letter and consider the following questions:

  • What is the nature of your relationship with the applicant?
  • How long have you known the applicant?
  • Consider and comment on the applicant’s intellectual curiosity, academic promise, and creative thinking
  • Consider and comment on the applicant’s community involvement and engagement
    • Character and personal effectiveness (aptitude for reflection and growth)
    • Leadership potential (humility, role model, mentor, problem-solver)
    • Communication skills (collaborate and share ideas with others)
    • Engagement in issues (values diversity, takes risks to generate improvement)
    • Entrepreneurial talents (initiates ideas, plans, promotes, administers and evaluates them)
    • Social humanitarianism (aware of social issues and desires to apply skills to benefit society)

Traditional reference letters can be emailed directly to with the subject line, “Applicant First Name Last Name Reference Letter” or submitted in person to the Student Success Centre (3rd Floor TFDL). Late submission of reference letters will result in the disqualification of the application.

Download the sample application

Once you have submitted your application to the Scholars Academy, you will be notified on the status of your acceptance by the end of January or the end of March (depending on which application cycle you submitted for.)

  • Advanced Application deadline (for students in second year or higher): January 2, 2022
  • Traditional deadline (for all undergraduate students including those in first year): March 13, 2022
  • For more information on deadlines, please refer to our FAQs.