Social Insurance Number (SIN)

International students must have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to receive employment income in Canada.

Social Insurance Number
  • A SIN is a confidential nine-digit number that is required to receive income in Canada
  • You are required by Canadian law to provide your SIN to your employer within three (3) working days after the day you begin employment with them
  • Your study permit will authorize you to work in Canada and must have a statement regarding your eligibility to work in Canada.
  • You can apply in-person at a Service Canada office, online, or by paper (mail).
  • Note: the Covid-19 pandemic may be impacting Service Canada in-person services.
    • Check that the Service Canada office is open before you start your trip.

You can obtain a SIN by applying online or by mail. Learn more by visiting How to Apply.

Otherwise, there are several Service Canada Offices in Calgary. Here are the three places closest to the UCalgary campus:

  • Required documents are listed in the Application Guide:
    • Passport
    • Study Permit (with statement of eligibility to work in Canada) or Visitor Record showing that you are authorized to work in Canada
    • Proof of address (if applying online)
    • Certificate of marriage; certificate of divorce, or legal change of name certificate (if name on any document provided is different from the name on the SIN application)

If your SIN begins with a "9", you must update your SIN to ensure the expiry date aligns with the expiry date on your study permit. 

If you have applied to extend your study permit and are awaiting a decision, you can continue to work under "implied status" even though your SIN may have expired. Refer to the Service Canada website here: 

Service Canada: After Applying 

  • Your SIN is a confidential number.
  • Visit Protecting your Social Insurance Number website to learn more about how to protect your personal information and who you should or should not share it with.
  • A SIN also makes you eligible to receive benefits and services from government programs (such as personal income tax refunds).
  • Learn more about filing personal income tax in Canada here.