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Extending your study permit

You can apply to extend your study permit within Canada starting 120 days prior to it expiring. You can submit your application either online or by paper.

For example, if your study permit expires on Aug. 30, you can apply to extend it starting on April 30.

How to extend your current study permit

You must apply online for an extension through your account on the Government of Canada's immigration website. You cannot apply through the IRCC Portal, you must apply for through the IRCC secure account.

If you don’t have an online account, it's a free service that allows you to submit immigration applications online.

If you have an online account and don’t remember your sign in details, you can create a new account and link the new account to your old account.

Follow the steps below to apply online:

Find option to apply

Sign in to your IRCC secure account. Under your personal information, click the option that says to apply for a "Visitor Visa, Study and/or Work Permit."

Determine your eligibility

Scroll to "I do not have a personal reference code" and click "Determine your eligibility and apply online for a visitor visa, study and/or work permit."

Answer the questionnaire

Answer the questionnaire (stating you’re currently in Canada as a student). You should be given the option to extend your study permit. Continue with the questionnaire.

Complete electronic checklist

You’ll be given an electronic checklist. Fill out the application form, click the blue "validate" button to check for errors, then upload it. Upload all other documentation requested too. You can use your confirmation of registration letter in place of your acceptance letter because it’s more current.

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Documents you'll need to extend your study permit


NOTE: A Provincial Attestation letter is not required for a study permit extension application.
***In-Canada study permit extension applications are exempt from the requirement of a PAL. Study permits extensions do not need a PAL.

-You qualify for an exception under section 215(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection on Regulations (IPPR).

Additional documents may be requested based on your individual circumstances.

  • UCalgary’s Designated Learning Institution  Number: O18886830282. You’ll need to enter this number on your study permit application form. Note: the first letter is O (as in Onion) and the second digit 4th from the end is 0 (zero).
  • Basic documents needed:
    • Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay or Remain in Canada as a Student [IMM 5709] –  make sure you’re completing the correct application form. This must be validated before you upload it. Do not print and sign this form; you can’t upload a scanned IMM 5709 application form.
    • Confirmation of registration letter from UCalgary showing you’re currently enrolled full-time and that you’re enrolled in the next upcoming term (if you’re continuing your studies). DO NOT provide your original admission offer unless you are starting a new program.
      • Please follow these directions to download and print your confirmation of registration letter 
    • Proof of financial support
      • You must be able to provide proof that you can cover the cost of your tuition plus have an additional $1720/month available to you for every month you would like to extend your studies.
    • Passport
    • Photograph of yourself  – must meet the photograph specifications
  • Client information – this is a space to upload optional documents that may strengthen your application. Some students will provide a letter of explanation (in the Word document format) to explain some sort of exceptional circumstance.

Instructions: How to apply extend your study permit

Maintained Status

If you have applied for a study permit extension prior to the expiry of your current study permit, you can stay in Canada. You'll have a status referred to as "maintained status," formerly known as "implied status."

Maintained status allows for you to remain in Canada, pending the processing of your application. You will be able to work and study until you receive a decision on your application. 

Retain your confirmation of submission of your study permit extension application. This is your proof that you benefit from the provisions of maintained status.