We strongly recommend that you make a budget or plan for your expenses and income (either from working, scholarships, or savings) to maintain your financial health. 

Consider the types of living expenses

It's important to consider the types of living expenses you'll encounter as a student, in addition to tuition and fees. Reviewing your income and expenses is an important habit to build early—and there are many resources to access for help along the way.

UCalgary MoneySmart: this Enrolment Services program provides free workshops, resources, and one-on-one financial advising for students on budgeting, banking, saving money, filing taxes, using credit, and much more! Learn more.

Budgeting apps: there are lots of free phone apps you can use to help keep track of your spending. Examples include Acorns, Every Dollar, Wally, and Mint. Check your app store to see what works best for you.


Make the most of on-campus services, programs and events

Social and wellness events

Check out the newsletters, social media accounts, and websites these offices provide to learn about free events:

SU and GSA

Learn about the services and events provided through the Students Union (SU) and Graduate Students Association (GSA). Some student clubs arrange discounts for events or services around Calgary.

UCalgary Services

You pay student fees each term, and that entitles you to free access to many services and programs. These include: