Getting Familiar with UCalgary Campus

Whether you’re starting your UCalgary studies remotely or from Calgary, you’re an important part of the UCalgary community—and it’s helpful to get to know the campus that you’re a part of! This page will highlight some key tools to help you get acquainted with the spaces and resources across campus.

Rock with students walking around a campus

UCalgary has several campuses. Most students study at the main campus. Main campus is located in Calgary’s north-west quadrant, our main campus occupies more than 200 hectares – an area larger than the city’s downtown. It is home to the Olympic Oval, the Taylor Family Digital Library, the MacEwan Student Center, many faculties buildings, and more.  

Other UCalgary (in Canada) campuses:

  • Foothills Campus: the heart of health learning and research at the University of Calgary
  • Downtown campus: an intellectual center in the heart of the city
  • Spy Hill campus: home to hands-on facilities for University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Find out more about other fields station and facilities here.

Many UCalgary buildings are connected by covered walkways or hallways that help you avoid having to go outside in the winter months.

Helpful tools to navigate campus:

This is a helpful tool that can locate your classroom:

All buildings located in our campuses have their own acronyms. For example, MSC (sometimes MH) stands for MacEwan Student Center; TFDL stands for Taylor Family Digital Library. You may want to familiarize yourself with those acronyms.

For instance, location of the International Student Services is MSC 275: enter the MacEwan Building, 2nd floor and look for room 275 (most of the times, the first figure indicates the floor where the classroom/office is located).

Check out this helpful guide compiled by an international student leader! This guide can help you get acquainted with some campus resources and spaces—and include some helpful tips along the way. Use them to guide your independent walk or while you virtually explore campus through Google maps.

Check out the Winter 2022 guide

The UCalgary Recruitment and Admissions team has hosted a few virtual tours! Check them out, right from your computer. Visit their Virtual Google Map to view buildings, helpful pictures, and 360 maps.

They also post Live Tour Videos to the Choose Calgary YouTube page:

Many international students find it helpful to talk to a current UCalgary student before they start their studies. Consider: 

  • Connecting with a peer mentor before you start your studies. Mentors can answer questions about campus resources and help explain how to get around! Learn more on the International Student Mentorship Program.
  • Meeting with a Welcome Centre student advisor virtually! This service is available August 20- September 4, Monday-Friday, 9:30 - 4 MST (Calgary time). Learn more on the Welcome Centre website

If you’re ever lost on campus, never be afraid to ask another student or passerby for directions. Even though campus may feel big, people are usually friendly and helpful to direct you where you need to be.

  • Social & Wellness Events: Check out the newsletters, social media, and websites for these offices to learn about free-events:
    • Campus Community Hub
    • Faith and Spirituality Centre
    • International Student Services
    • Leadership & Student Engagement (Unwind & UCalgary Meet-Up)
    • Residence Services (if living on campus)
    • Sustainability
    • Wellness Centre
    • Women’s Resource Centre
    • Writing Symbols Lodge


  • Student Union & Associations: Learn about the services and events provided through the Students Union or Graduate Students Association. Some student clubs arrange discounts for events or services around Calgary.


  • UCalgary Services: You pay student fees each term! Make sure you take advantage of the services and programs that are offered to you for no additional cost: 
    • Active Living: access to fitness facilities (gymnasium, weight room, swimming pool, running track, racquet centre, climbing wall; students receive a $25 credit each year)
    • Career Services: advising and workshops to support your job search & success
    • International Student Services: immigration advising
    • Library: research support and access to academic resources
    • Student Success Centre: free advising and workshops