Statement on Relationships

Statement on Relationships

  1. Chair

    Dennis Sumara (until June 2019)

  2. Chair (originally Decanal Representative)

    Lesley Rigg (as of July 2019)

  3. Academic Staff

    Bev Adams
    Sandy Herschcovis
    Michael Kehler
    Jennifer Koshan (as of July 2019) 

  4. Sexual Violence Support Advocate

    Carla Bertsch

  5. Legal Services

    Deborah Book

  6. SU Representative

    Kevin Dang (as of July 2019)
    Jessica Revington (as of June 2019) 

  7. AUPE Representative

    Renata Gordon

  8. GSA Representative

    Marcela Lopes
    Mohamed Abdelsamie (as of December 2019)

  9. Post Doc Representative

    Suman Nath

  10. MAPS Representative (Until June 2019)

    Crystal Raymond  (until June 2019) 

  11. TUCFA Representative

    Paul Rogers

  12. Provost Representative and Faculty of Graduate Studies

    Robin Yates

  13. Committee Support

    Heather Watkins Smith (until June 2019)
    Sara Fedoruk (as of July 2019) 

Statement on Relationships

Who does this statement apply to?

This Statement clarifies the expectations that apply to members of the University of Calgary community when close personal relationships or intimate relationships exist, or develop, between them.

Statement on Relationships

Who do I contact if I think someone is violating the Statement of Relationships?

For further information, please see the Code of Conduct and the Graduate Supervision Policy. The Code of Conduct web page includes an FAQ with further detail, if required.


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