Mentor Application

For applying mentors, please take a moment to read through the program description and the expectations. By submitting the form below, you are confirming you have read and understand what is required of a mentor. 

Please complete the application by October 15, 2017, along with a recent version of your CV.  

Thank you for participating in this important new initiative at the University of Calgary.

Purpose of Mentorship Program:

Academic leaders play critically important roles that are nuanced, challenging and constantly evolving. Although these faculty members have impressive educational and professional careers, many individuals assume the role of an academic leader without a full understanding of what the job entails, and having little or no prior management experience.  

Mentorship enhances the level of support for leaders in their roles, provides an individualized leadership development opportunity for academic leaders and provides networking opportunities to connect the mentee to the university community and beyond.  


The mentorship program will pair experienced senior academic leaders (mentors) with academic leaders who are relatively new to their role (mentees or protégés).   
Eligible Candidates: Any full-time faculty member of the University of Calgary who is in an academic leadership role who wants to focus on his/her leadership development goals, with guidance from an experienced professional.  

Time Commitment: 

The length of the formal mentoring relationship is one academic year, commencing in September 2017, but the partnership may continue informally thereafter.  It is expected that the mentee and mentor will meet a minimum of bi-monthly or six times over the course of the year for at least one hour.  Pairs may arrange to meet more frequently at their own discretion.


• Mentee-Mentor pairs will identify clear objectives for the mentoring relationship in conjunction with the mentee’s development plan.

• Mentee-Mentors pairs will complete any pre work throughout the program.

• Mentee-Mentor pairs will meet regularly (a minimum of every other month for one hour) and commit two to four hours per month for development.

• Mentee-Mentor pairs will attend ALA mentorship program development activities

Participant Selection:

All applicants will be notified of the status of their match by mid October. Participants will be selected based on the information provided in the application, along with their professional goals and interests, their self-identified core values and mentoring styles, and where an appropriate match is available.   
Mentorship Program:

Mentee-Mentor pairs will be selected based on the information that is provided on the applications. Mentees will be challenged to “drive” the relationship with their mentors. The role of the mentor is to support, challenge and motivate the mentee towards achieving identified goals. Mentee-Mentor Meetings.

Key Dates:

Once selected, at the outset of the mentorship program commencement, mentors and mentees will attend a brief orientation program to familiarize themselves to the program, expectations and resources to support their mentorship relationship.   Several online resources will be made available to mentees and mentors.  Touch points will be scheduled with the mentor and mentee occasionally throughout the partnership to ensure that expectations are being made and resources are provided where needed.   
Several mentor/mentee group events will be held during the year, to create a community of practice and share experiences, feedback and suggestions for effective outcomes.

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