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Welcome to the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) 2015 Observations

Welcome to the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) 2016 Observations

Spring 2016 seems to have arrived early, including at the ledge. But not by much. Thanks again to all observers, chatters, on-site staff and helpers everywhere. Updates will be added as time permits, and pics will be added to 'more birds' gallery as per usual.

The 'scrape' is now prepared and being sat on at various times by Callie since mating has been observed by 'eneri' (on the 13/14th of April) and thus, eggs will be laid, so keep watching for this.

  • March 14th: 1st sighting - female/Callie?
  • March 24th: 1st sightings of BOTH adults. 
  • April 7th: 'Callie' positively i.d.'d by 'eneri' from mechanical room (where computer lives)
  • April 13: 'Gary' also identified by 'eneri', via same method.
  • April 14: 1st egg - as conf. by 'eneri' - time was 13:03 'eggaxctly'!! 
  • April 17: 2nd egg (see 'more birds' for pic)
  • April 19: 3rd egg arrives.
  • April 21: 4th egg laid. Usually this is the 'batch' total.
  • 33 days from incubation period is date for 1st 'pip' - approx. May 20th-22nd.
  • May 22: 1st hatching occurred today - faint 'calling' from underneath parent/s (thanks to 'neener' for observation)
  • May 23: 2nd egg hatched!!!  (likely early morning hrs.) - see pics on more birds gallery link.
  • May 25: 3rd egg cracked early in the morning with triplet appearing and joining siblings.
  • June 16: 2 females, one male chick were banded today. ('dud', or infertile egg, removed from scrape)
  • July 3rd: 1st female fledgling makes safe flight (see pic) and second sister leaves 2-3 hrs. later!
  • July 4: one of the female fledglings hit a window and was taken to wildlife refuge for observation and assessment. Hopefully it is 'just shock' and not an injury requiring rehab/surgery.
  • July 5: 3rd fledgling takes flight! see pic attached (thanks 'eneri')
  • July 6: 'downed' female fledgling returned to ledge to retry her 'first' flight. All is well. (see pic in more birds gallery)

There is now a 2nd peregrine nesting site in the area - at the Foothills Hospital, which is territory that doesn't overlap with 'our' falcons', but is on the way when flying towards the Bow River and its gulls. That site hasn't been used for many years, until now. See news item:

Additional screen pics (and others sent in, incl. excellent ones of other falcons) can be viewed by clicking on the 'More Birds' link above this page. The pics are in date order, starting with earliest. Just scroll down for latest photos/shots and click on pic to enlarge.

For those interested in 'chatting' and uni-ledge-related discussions, pls. (currently) go to:


Thanks, as always, to our IT gurus, spec. 'lcrweb'!! And to all those photographers, especially 'Richard', 'Birdsinger', 'neener', and 'Frank' sending in screen grab pics.

For any problems, and general falcon or technical issues, pls. contact: Irene Wade ( I (Elli/catnap: will continue to support this page at my remote location, and if any observations are to be reported, please contact Irene or Warren Fitch (