May 28, 2021

We have answers to your most common questions! – May 2021

Check out the most common questions the Recruitment and Admission Teams team received this month from prospective students, parents, and counsellors.

When is my admissions deposit due? When are my tuition fees due? 

Once you have received an offer of admission, offers made after April 1, will have 30 days from that date to accept your offer and pay your one-time non-refundable $500 admissions deposit; your due date will be in your student centre and your offer of admission letter.

Please note that this deposit applies towards your tuition. Tuition fee payment deadlines will be due each semester – the deadlines are listed in your My UCalgary student centre! You will see this in your ‘My Financials’ section, as well as on the UCalgary academic schedule page.

Please take a look at the future undergraduate students dates and deadlines to ensure you stay on top of all important deadlines!

I’m a prospective student. Where can I learn more about UCalgary?

Future students can access recordings of previous webinars or info-sessions on our Choose UCalgary YouTube channel! Here you will find some of our most popular webinars, such as the Ask a UCalgary Student webinars and our Choose UCalgary presentations for high school students.

Watch our Events site – we’ll be posting our prospective events for the upcoming year in June.

I’m excited to start in the Fall, but have questions about course registration – who can I connect with?

Our New Student Registration Assistants can support you with planning your courses and building a schedule.

Additionally, students are able to view faculty-specific webinar recordings on our UCalgary webinars page! Please click here.

We would also encourage you to check out UCalgary’s Orientation website for details about the start of your UCalgary adventure!

I am interested in applying for a double major, both honours. Is this possible?

Yes, double honours majors are possible within the Faculty of Arts and/or the Faculty of Science! To be a double major, you would complete one degree within one faculty with two major fields. If you wanted to complete two different honours degrees, you would be in a combined degree program and would graduate with two degrees. Please click here to see all our combined degrees.

We have more than 250 program combinations and we encourage you to connect with us and explore all your options.

I would like to start planning out my university costs and see a breakdown of the fee structure. Where can I find this?

Our undergraduate student cost estimator is a great tool we advise students to use to get a general estimate of their costs based on the current fee chart. Here, you will be able to select your citizenship, faculty, textbooks, accommodations, and meal plan to calculate your total estimated costs.

Another great resource to check out is our undergraduate tuition and general fees page, where you can view the different types of fees associated with different faculties and programs!

What are the current admission averages?

University of Calgary does not publish specific admission averages because they may change throughout the admission cycle and vary annually based on the applicant pool. The estimated competitive averages are highlighted for each program within our Explore Programs webpages and students are encouraged to use these estimates when selecting programs. We recommend that you select the program you are most interested in as your first choice and select a second choice that you are interested in and are above the estimated competitive admission average. You can change your program choices until March 1 of your application year.

How do I maintain my offer of admission?                                                          

Your offer of admission is based on the average of five courses required for your program; if we don’t have grade 12 courses, we use grade 11 courses to calculate your initial admission average. We encourage you to do your best to maintain the same high standard of academic achievement and complete your required courses as you finish your grade 12 year.

In July, we’ll review your final grades and if you meet the conditions of your offer, your student centre will be updated to reflect that. If your grades change substantially, we will re-evaluate. 98% of students have historically maintained their offer of admission; our best advice is to not stress about your final grades and continue to do your best and work hard in the same way you did to achieve the grades that got you an offer of admission in the first place!

What should I do if I haven’t received an offer of admission yet?

Most admission offers for high school students are granted by May 1; for transfer students by June 1. UCalgary will still consider you for admission and a small number of additional offers may be granted after final grades become available in May (transfer) or July (high school). These offers are granted on a top-down basis starting with students with the highest average or GPA first.

If you haven’t received an offer within these timelines, we encourage you to connect with us to discuss options for the upcoming academic year including high school upgrading, UCalgary Open Studies, taking time off to work and explore career paths or a combination of these options.

Is there a limit on how many upgraded high school courses I can use for admission?

No, there is no limit to using your upgraded high school courses for admission. Students may choose to upgrade as many high school courses as they wish; UCalgary will use your highest course grade in calculating your admission average Explore our programs today to see the program course requirements and competitive admissions averages!

Check back at the end of August for our next edition of the ‘We have answers to your most common questions!’ blog. Until then, take a look at our previous editions to see some FAQ’s!

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