May 10, 2021

Programs feature: Faculty of Arts – Geography, History, Anthropology and Archaeology

Strengthen your understanding of the various departments within the Faculty of Arts at the University of Calgary by exploring these four programs and learning more about them!

Geography, History, Anthropology and Archaeology can all lead to unique career paths in areas such as the non-profit sector, civil service, public service, and even the business world. Bachelor of Arts degrees such as these can also be used as a stepping-stone to graduate studies or another professional degree such as law, medicine, veterinary medicine, or education.


Geography is an integrative discipline that explores the earth as a whole system. Our geography program allows students to focus on people, places and patterns on the Earth's surface to understand the interrelated elements associated with environmental, economic, political, and cultural change.

Throughout your Geography degree, you will propose solutions to geographic problems, and will develop skills in research, geospatial methods, logical and abstract reasoning. Additionally, students will gain an in-depth knowledge of the different regions and cultures that make up our global community, along with expanding their knowledge in planning (urban, transportation or tourism, for example), environmental impact, or resource management.


History is about change and continuity over time and space. As a history major, you will gain an understanding of complex cause-and-effect relationships by organizing and evaluating historical sources from a variety of academic perspectives. The department encourages breadth in History and advises students to take courses about different chronological eras, in different geographic areas, and from different analytical perspectives.

While studying History, you will gain excellent research capabilities, logical and abstract reasoning skills, linguistics skills, and the capacity to think in historical terms.


Anthropology is the comparative study of human society and culture, and recognizes the connections and diversities between cultures, societies and species. This program brings a holistic yet particularistic approach to contemporary global challenges. Anthropology courses seek to foster an understanding and appreciation of the various world cultures and provide critical insights into how people live and the challenges brought about by globalization.

During your time as an Anthropology student, you'll gain statistical analysis skills, research capabilities, written and verbal communication skills, and a most of all a deeper understanding of different cultures and world views.


Archaeology students examine material remains to understand past human life and cultural activities. This program will give you a solid understanding of how to research, excavate and scientifically analyze cultural remains obtained from sites such as buried and/or abandoned human settlements.

Throughout the course of your studies, you will develop research capabilities, written and verbal communication skills, scientific knowledge, and technical expertise. There are several different Archaeology courses students will take that dive deeper into fascinating events such as the Ice-Age and mammoths on the northern plains over the last 12,000 years, for example.

Unique opportunities in the Faculty of Arts

What’s especially great about all of these programs is that they offer some pretty cool opportunities for students such as field school, where students learn by completing hands-on course work in real-world settings. Bachelor of Arts students can also participate in the Arts Co-op Program, and since Arts is so broad in scope, they can gain valuable work experience within a wide variety of jobs and areas.

Explore more programs within the Faculty of Arts today by clicking here. Applications for fall 2022 undergraduate admission will open on October 1, 2021. In the meantime, if you have any questions about applying to UCalgary, please click here to connect with a UCalgary recruiter for your region!

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