July 7, 2021

Practicums and work-integrated learning at UCalgary

Learn about which University of Calgary undergraduate programs offer practicums, field experience and work-integrated learning opportunities!

Following up from our previous blog post on co-ops and internships, we will now get into practicums and field experience at the University of Calgary! For any prospective student who is interested in getting hands-on work experience during your undergraduate degree, keep reading to find out how you can do so!

Faculty of Kinesiology

In our kinesiology practicum, students will complete unpaid work in a professional setting for job experience and course credit. Before entering a practicum, the student must have completed a minimum of two years of undergraduate studies in a Bachelor of Kinesiology or a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. This is to ensure the student has a solid understanding of their program and its foundations.

Kinesiology practicums are offered as one-term and students are required to complete 60 to 72 practicum hours. Click here for more information and updates on our Kinesiology practicum.

Schulich School of Engineering

Our engineering practicum program is designed for driven and enthusiastic engineering students who are looking for work experience for 10-16 weeks during the spring/summer (May 1 to Aug. 31), or part-time work throughout the fall and winter semesters! Students will gain hands-on, technical, and experiential work experience by completing a minimum of 350 hours of work during this term.

If you are planning to pursue an engineering degree and this interests you, the Engineering Career Centre is always willing to help you with your journey! Additionally, you can find more information about the Engineering Practicum Program on their website.

Faculty of Social Work

Every student in our Bachelor of Social Work program will complete at least one practicum throughout their degree. Our social work practicum (also known as field education) will provide students with the opportunity to integrate classroom experience in the real world and get a feel for different types of social work practice.

Check out the social work Field Education Manual to review the courses in this program and the policies/procedures related to field education. Click here for more information.

Faculty of Nursing

As students complete our Bachelor of Nursing program, they will complete a set schedule of terms. In terms 3-8, students will complete a clinical placement (practicums) each term, in a variety of settings, including community health, long term care and acute care settings. This allows for our nursing students to practice and build their skills in placements across all areas of nursing practice.

To read more about our nursing practicums, please see the Bachelor of Nursing Curriculum Overview.

Werklund School of Education

Bachelor of Education students will complete 20 weeks of practicum/field experience where they will have the opportunity to work in classroom settings. The practicum is organized into four cohort-based classes; Field Experience I-IV. In Field Experience I, student teachers will visit multiple classrooms to find out about life in schools. In Field Experience II, III & IV, student teachers are mentored by partner teachers, and gradually work toward assuming the full responsibilities of a classroom teacher.

To read the course descriptions for each field experience and to learn more about our education practicum, please see here.

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