University of Calgary main entrance on a summer day. Red arch with traffic driving out of the university

Visitor/Events Parking

Visitor/Events Parking


Hourly lots are available for short term parking needs at a variety of locations on campus. These lots have both an hourly and daily rate available. Parking fees are in effect at all times.

Please note that the pay machines do not accept bills, debit cards.


There are three flat rate pay lots available, they are lots 10, 11, and 32. Parking fees are in effect at all times.

  • Most assigned lots become pay lots after 3:30 p.m.     


There are three parkades available for Public Parking, MacEwan Students' Centre, The Art Parkade and the CWPH Parkade (located at Foothills Campus.)

  • MacEwan Students' Centre Parkade is a 140 stall underground facility in the centre of campus.
  • The Art Parkade is a five story structure with 1260 stalls on the south side of the main campus.
  • The CWPH Parkade is a three level, 170 stall, underground parkade located on Foothills campus, west of the HRIC lab building.