Annual Permits

Annual permits for assigned lots are sold on a yearly basis. Prices vary by location, see parking rates for current costs. The average wait time varies dramatically by lot. It can be as short as three months or as long as ten years. Ask us about options for faster moving lots.

To apply for an annual (12 month) parking permit, you will most likely need to join a waiting list.

If you are an undergraduate student you may want to consider semester parking, as a space in an annual lot may not become available during your studies.

Semester Permits

Semester Permits

Spring/Summer 2022
Art Parkade, McMahon and Spyhill Semester permits on sale online and in person. Sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Fall 2022/Winter 2023
Art Parkade, McMahon, Lot 10 Student* and Spyhill Semester permits on sale online and in person starting July 4 at 8:00am. Sold on a first come, first serve basis.

These permits are sold only to University of Calgary students, staff or faculty. Proof of university affiliation will be required before purchase.

*Lot 10 Student is only available to UCalgary students.  This permit includes parking in Lot 10 and McMahon Stadium.

Full parking rates and lots here.

McMahon Park & Ride Semester Permits

McMahon Park and Ride- East side, adjacent to Crowchild Trail 

Permits must be purchased by the semester (four months) and are sold on a first come/first serve basis. Permit cost is $308 per semester, plus GST. Purchase in person or by using the form located at the bottom of this section.


Download this form and return it to us any of these ways (please note: this form is not for use by UCalgary students or staff, it is for Park & Ride users only):


  1. Scan it and email it to:
  2. Drop it by our office